CBD Clinic™ Clinical Strength Pain Relief Ointment Level 4 – 7.05oz


Introducing the CBD CLINIC™ Level 4 200g jar, a potent fusion of CBD, menthol, and camphor.

  • Ointment Base
  • Contains 1,130mg of CBD per 200g Jar
  • Active Ingredients: 7% Menthol, 5% Camphor
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CBD CLINIC™ Level 4 Ointment: Your Ultimate Relief for Severe Aches and Pains

CBD CLINIC Level 4 pain relief ointment combines the healing properties of CBD with the soothing effects of menthol and camphor, aiming to provide effective relief from severe aches and pains, particularly targeting deep muscle aches and joint discomfort.

Industry-Leading Formulas for Enhanced Pain Relief

CBD CLINIC’s formulas adhere to the highest industry standards, establishing the first professional series authorized to combine over-the-counter pharmaceuticals with CBD. This commitment to excellence ensures a cutting-edge approach to pain relief for individuals seeking potent solutions.

Tailored for Severe Pain: Level 4 Clinical Strength Ointment

Crafted to target severe pain, the Level 4 Clinical Strength Ointment forms part of CBD CLINIC’s range of products designed to promote pain relief, offering a specialized solution for individuals experiencing intense discomfort.

Advanced Topical Analgesics for Deep Relief

CBD Clinic has innovatively formulated a line of topical analgesics, combining menthol, camphor, and CBD hemp oil to penetrate deeply into the skin, specifically targeting muscular and joint pain, setting a new standard for pain relief experiences.

Versatile Sizing Options with Potent Formulation

CBD CLINIC™ Level 4 pain relief ointment is available in 44g and 200g size jars, with the 200g jar containing a substantial 1,130mg of CBD, along with active ingredients such as 7% Menthol and 5% Camphor, ensuring a potent and effective formulation for consistent relief.

Amplified Pain Relief and Cooling Action

The CBD CLINIC Level 4 Ointment effectively acts at the site of application to provide targeted pain relief, offering a powerful solution for individuals seeking comprehensive pain management options, available in a 44g jar and recommended for use up to 4 times daily.

Clinical Strength Series and Quality Assurance

The primary formulas of the Clinical Strength Series unleash the cooling action of menthol and camphor terpenes. They combine this with additional hemp extract to enhance the relief effect, ensuring a long-lasting impact for consistent comfort. This combination of ingredients delivers a powerful and enduring solution for sustained relief. These exclusive CBD products are enriched with natural emollients to lock in the active ingredients, providing enduring relief.

Ethical and Quality Commitment for Peace of Mind

The entire range of CBD CLINIC products is either vegetarian or vegan, reflecting a commitment to ethical and quality standards. Moreover, all pain relief products undergo rigorous dermatologist testing and are hypoallergenic, ensuring a trusted and safe experience. With a dedication to quality, CBD CLINIC manufactures its products in federally audited facilities. Each batch undergoes stringent testing by third-party labs to ensure safety, accuracy, and consistency. This commitment ensures that the products meet high standards for safety and effectiveness.


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