CBD Boosters: About, Uses, & Where To Buy

CBD Boosters: What Are They, How Do I Use Them, and Where Can I Find Them?

What are CBD boosters?

CBD boosters are phenomenal. From helping with anxiety to combating my insomnia, I regularly use CBD boosters to supplement my daily CBD intake. But what exactly are they, and how do they differ from taking another CBD capsule or tincture(oil in dropper form)?

The first thing to know about boosters, is how to use them. A booster is used as a supplement to your supplements! Boosters are not meant to be used as your sole source of daily CBD. Instead they are meant to be a boost when you need a little extra (hence the name)! The reason for this is simple: A booster gets to work quickly but also leaves the system quickly – it doesn’t bind to your cells and keep working for you.  As such, it may be too little CBD for daily use.

While a booster product may be perfect for later in the day (I use mine before bed) when you are no longer feeling the effects of the CBD that you took in the morning, it likely won’t be strong enough to supplement your Endocannabinoid system for the whole day on its own. This is because Boosters are delivered differently to the system and they do not store in your lipids(fat cells). Instead they get to work much quicker than a daily supplement of CBD that routes through your digestive system, but they also wear off within a few hours.

So why would you want to buy a product that is a booster? Some days may be harder than others and you may just need a little boost. You may have overdone it in the yard or are spending a busy day out with family or friends. On these difficult days you may need more or less to supplement your bodies normal function. While there currently is no conclusive evidence on whether or not a tolerance of CBD is built up, some studies have shown that using too much CBD can lead to lower efficacy later on. Using a booster to get a little more CBD during the day alleviates this problem because the CBD is not stored in the body. Instead it gets to work quickly and then it dissipates.

How do I use CBD boosters?

 Now that I have you interested in using CBD boosters, how do you actually use them, you ask? Boosters come in a lot of different forms. There are many different types of boosters. Some of these include hemp flower, or for those of us who would prefer not to smoke CBD you can also get boosters in chewing gum, and mints. I’ve always been partial to the CBD chewing gum, largely because it is slightly herbal and fresh, and feels like a relatively easy way to add some extra CBD to my day when I need it.

What does taking a booster look like? Let’s assume that you wake up around eight or nine to get ready for work, school, or anything else that you do during the day. Brush your teeth, shower, and have your breakfast/coffee and your daily CBD supplement (whether this be a capsule, tincture, or other form of CBD). Or maybe you took your daily CBD supplement before you went to bed the night before. You go on with your day, handling whatever craziness life (and 2020) throws at you.

The car breaks down, someone loses a tooth, the dog has an accident on the new carpet, your Amazon package is either stolen or fails to arrive, you find out that your coworker failed to complete their part of the project on time. Whatever it is, you feel like you need some extra CBD to help out with your well-being!

Should you take another serving, doubling your CBD intake for the day? Perhaps not. It is best to keep supplements regular in both serving size and frequency to avoid building a tolerance in your system. So what are your options? Maybe you have a puff (or two). We have all had those days. Or chew some gum. That extra CBD helps you feel better, and you go the rest of the day at relative ease. Repeat.

See how that boost can help out during the day? It is an auxiliary to your regular CBD supplement to help make it through when you need that little extra.

What are some CBD booster options?

As I mentioned above, boosters come in many forms. There are the chewing gum, the mints, vape pens (and cartridges), hemp flower, and CBD cigarettes. While these are all fairly self-explanatory, let me break down each option a bit more so that you can fully understand what each option offers.

Chewing Gum: MedCBDx CBD Chewing Gum, are good for an extra boost during the day or in the office (where you may want to be discreet). Just take out a chewing tablet and enjoy the fresh taste of gum, while the CBD gets to work quickly!

CBD Mints: This is another good option for the office or school. Just like the chewing gum, the MedCBDx CBD Mints are quick a boost that leaves your breath fresh and minty. Each mint contains 5mg of CBD for a total of 80mg per container of 16 mints. This option has a smaller serving size of CBD than the chewing gum, so it is a better option for those looking for only an incremental increase of CBD in their day.

CBD Living Vapes: CBD Living pre-charges all of their disposable vapes so they are ready to use straight out of box, offering convenience and simplicity. When the battery runs out, simply discard the disposable and grab a fresh one! Each cartridge contains 500mg of broad spectrum nano CBD, and available in 3 great flavors! Mango, Pina, and Strawberry Banana.

Field Smokes: Field smokes have a filter making them like a cigarette, providing you with a smooth and flavorful smoke. They’re available in 25mgCBD + 25mgCBG or 60mg CBD + 40mgCBDV per cigarette. These contain no nicotine or tobacco for those looking to enjoy the act of smoking a cigarette without the harmful effects associated with traditional cigarettes.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask!

 As always, we at Green Wellness Life hope that this blog has been informative and helpful in guiding you to products that suit your needs. We are available during working hours to answer all of your CBD questions (or just to chat!) shoot us an email, or give us a call at 866-244-4223. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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