Field Smokes – CBD & CBDV Cigarettes – Forbidden V


Field Smokes Forbidden V Cigarettes combine 60mg CBD and 40mg CBDV per cigarette.

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Field Smokes Forbidden V is a high CBDV strain with a deliciously fresh, and exotic fruity flavor that bounces off your pallet. The tropical flavors and a balanced uplifting terpene profile makes Forbidden V a perfect anytime strain for people who want to feel deep relaxation while remaining perfectly lucid and creative.

Product Details:
  • 60mg CBD & 40mg CBDV per cigarette
  • 20 cigarettes per container
  • 1,200mg CBD & 800mg CBDV per container
  • Grown by: Blue Mountain Hemp Co.
  • <0.3% THC

Field Smokes Forbidden V Cigarettes are made from organic, high-quality hemp flower, ensuring a pure and natural smoking experience. Each cigarette contains a precise blend of CBD and CBDV, two cannabinoids renowned for their potential therapeutic properties. CBD is known for its relaxation and anti-inflammatory effects, while CBDV may have potential benefits for mood support and pain management.

By choosing Field Smokes, you are opting for a smokeable product that is free from tobacco, nicotine, and harmful additives. These cigarettes provide a smooth and flavorful smoke. They allow you to unwind and find a moment of tranquility in your busy day.

Whether you’re seeking a natural alternative to traditional cigarettes or simply want to incorporate the potential benefits of CBD and CBDV into your routine, these cigarettes are the perfect solution for you. Enjoy the smooth draw, rich flavor, and potential therapeutic effects.


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