CBD Living – CBD Chocolate Bar – Dark Chocolate

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CBD Living Dark Chocolate Bar, is a creamy combination of chocolate and CBD. It consists of 200mg of pure CBD, derived from the hemp plant.

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Indulge in the perfect combination of bittersweet and CBD with CBD Living’s CBD Dark Chocolate. With 200mg of pure CBD per bar, this delectable treat offers a sweet way to experience the benefits of CBD without any “hemphy” taste.

Crafted using 99.5% pure CBD derived from the hemp plant, this dark chocolate bar contains no THC and has no psychoactive effects. Each bar is divided into 8 segments, with each segment containing 25mg of CBD.

Product Details:

  • 200mg CBD per Bar
  • 25mg CBD per Segment
  • 8 Segments per Bar

Available in Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate

CBD Living Dark Chocolate immediately interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system, providing holistic benefits throughout. And thanks to the use of nanotechnology, this chocolate is easily absorbable by the liver and bloodstream, ensuring rapid and effective results.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, including sugar, palm kernel oil, nonfat dry milk, cocoa, soy lecithin, and salt, this CBD-infused dark chocolate bar offers a smooth mix of hemp seeds that will satisfy your cravings.

With its proprietary broad-spectrum nano hemp extract (aerial parts), this chocolate bar delivers the numerous effects of CBD in a delicious treat. Whether you’re a chocolate lover or seeking the potential benefits of CBD, CBD Living’s CBD Dark Chocolate is the perfect choice. Experience the goodness of CBD Living’s infused chocolates and enjoy a grown-up Dairy Crunch with each bite. Get ready to indulge in the rich flavors and holistic benefits that await you.


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