Tried and True: Celebrating National CBD Day

Happy National CBD Day! Join us in celebrating with exclusive offers and discover the natural benefits of CBD for your well-being.

by Cara Oorbeck, Former Green Well Operations Guru

Those who know me well I would say I am a celebrator of people and events. In fact, my people (family and close friends) know that on their special days, they will be celebrated. We actually go around the room and everyone has to say one thing they love about the person. On Thanksgiving we go around the table and each person says one thing they are truly grateful for at the time. During Christmas and the New Year we reflectively celebrate and acknowledge the goodness in each of our lives! The list of times we celebrate by reflecting as a family is long and celebration is a common occurrence in our house. My children habitually roll their eyes when I ask for cooperation and input during these “reflective celebrations”. This however, does not bother me because I believe it is important to speak out loud what we are celebrating and why! So when preparing for National CBD day, it was only natural for me to write a blog celebrating CBD and our “tried and true” products!

You can go ahead and roll your eyes in solidarity with my kids if you like, but I am going to reflectively celebrate some of our favorite CBD products. There is also a discount at the end of this thoughtful tunnel. That way you, too, can celebrate National CBD Day with your tried and true favorites or try one of ours. So let’s start the list!

Our Tried and True Favorite CBD Products

Mary’s 8-12 hour/20 mg CBD Patch:

Mary's Nutritionals Patch - 20mg per Patch

Patches are an amazing bonus product. I love Mary’s full spectrum patch when I have a headache or a stiff neck. If my back is sore, this is one of my go to products. I always have patches on hand at home for those days when I overdid it in the lawn or someone I love needs a little relief. They are a great, latex-free product to aid your body when you are not feeling at the top of your game, especially when traveling and in a pinch.

Wyld 25 mg/20 pack gummies:

So what’s not to love about gummies? I love candy, so getting my CBD in a candy like form is yummy. The great thing about this gummy is although it may taste like candy, it is made with natural fruit juices and has no added artificial flavors or colors. It’s a healthier alternative to traditional candy gummies. This broad spectrum gummy tastes delicious, is convenient and works well in aiding our bodies with a variety of different things. I have had my 14 year old on these as an athlete for recovery and inflammation and she never grumbles about taking them. I have also watched customers who have family members who struggle with anxiety, autism, and Asperger’s see benefit from this product. Bonus…picky people will take them because they taste good and are THC free so it really is an all around great product. Also my mother in law who will not take anything “yucky” likes these as well!

Medterra CBD Treats:

Medterra CBD Soft Chews

We cannot celebrate our favorite products without mentioning Medterra Pet Treats for both small and large dogs. We have carried these products since I started working at GWL and they are a staple in my house with my furry rescued friends. Even Molly (my picky Great Dane) loves the peanut butter flavor of the hip&joint. She is quite the diva – VERY hard to please. I have also seen a significant difference with my 13 year old schnauzer Lucy’s joint mobility and my small anxiety ridden Rizzo. Medterras treats are a must have in the Oorbeck household for our pets and although we use a tincture for our daily pets’ CBD needs, we always have Medterras treats on hand just in case a little extra is needed.

Medterra  50 mg CBD Capsules:

Medterra CBD 50mg Capsules Daily Relief

I do not personally take an isolate product. I have old injuries and rely on broad and full spectrums to aid in my body’s functioning. However this high strength, limited ingredient, 0 THC isolate capsule is a favorite amongst many. If you want to try CBD without anything added this is the product for you. It is also easy to take and has an accessible price point. We have many customers who swear by Medterra and it is definitely a go to product around our office.

It is Your Turn; What Are Your Tried And True Faves?

Well there you have it our Tried and Trues! We LOVE CBD and we are happy to celebrate with you on National CBD Day. Don’t miss our Celebration Sale. You can celebrate your favorites or try one of ours. Also feel free to share your favorites on any of our social media sites. You never know – if we know what you love, we just may send you something to celebrate you, too.

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