Papa And Barkley

Cara OorbeckBy Cara Oorbeck, Operations Guru @GWL

We are incredibly excited to launch a new product line in our store! Papa & Barkley is an awesome brand that we have been trying out as a team. We loved it so much we decided to make it available to our customers. So why am excited about it?

Who Is Papa & Barkley?

Many of our customers know that at Green Wellness Life we love our pets. It is safe to say we are super passionate about our furry family members. So as we started to research the Papa & Barkley brand we, fell in love with their story…especially me! I have a little bit in common with Papa & Barkley! Papa & Barkley started Dadin a crock pot with an attempt to make a CBD balm that could help Adam’s (inventor & owner) father and his pit bull Barkley’s pain. Both of these are near and dear to my heart as I own a rescue pit-bull(pictured to the right)and my father lives with me part time! That’s all I needed to know to already love them, but, okay we’ll try the products.


Like me, others in the office began to fall in love with the Papa & Barkley brand (Brandy, Hannah & David) not just because of their love for animals and family, but also because they are committed to creating and providing products that are in the “cleanest form” possible. Their US farmers are committed to organic growing practices and quality hemp in order to create amazing products. Boy can you see the quality when using their products for your health! I have been taking the tinctures for both my pets and myself for a month and I love them. So do my precious pups!!!

Papa & Barkley Extraction Process

Papa and Barkley believe in pure products, so you can bet that they do not use solvents or harsh chemicals in their manufacturing. Instead they use both of the methods listed and explained below. So when you are taking a Papa & Barkley product you can be assured that you are taking the best!

Not only are they serious about clean hemp, but they are also serious about testing throughout the manufacturing process in order to make sure all of the hemp they use to manufacture their products is also free of pesticides and heavy metals. They also independently lab test their products and provide Certificates of Analysis for every batch of hemp which means all of their products are quality products that you can rest assured are safe for your family… both human and fur babies!

Now About the Products!

CBD Repair & Releaf Cream:

CBD Repair Cream
Brandy loves this stuff….so much so that I was not given the option to weigh in! She wouldn’t share her sample, saying “I love it and we are going to sell it!” Since she decided to sell it, I have used it and I love it as well–she was right (and she loves it when I say that)!!! The Papa and Barkley CBD Repair Cream is formulated for the face and neck and is a whopping 450 mg of CBD per 1 fl oz. The formula is great for skin conditions like acne, exczema, rosacea and anti-aging. It can help with inflammation, redness and dryness. Made with fresh-pressed Hemp Rosin, Squalane, and Jojoba combined with aromatic terpenes, this botanical cream is ideal for topical repair and hydration. It’s airy, light, and spreads smoothly on skin to keep your face feeling flawless. In my humble opinion it has a small downside. When you first apply it has a small earthy/hempy smell. However, once it is applied it soaks in very quickly and the scent does not linger. This was something I was able to overlook due to the other amazing qualities of the product!

Releaf CBD Balm (in two different size variations):

Releaf CBD Balm 600mg

We try a lot of topicals and when we say a lot, we mean A LOT! So to get us to carry another topical is a feat. We are picky about texture and efficacy. The consistency of this balm is a nice creamy texture that absorbs quickly. The balm features a natural blend of beeswax, and several healing essential oils. It is thoughtfully-made with coconut oil and nourishing organic essential oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender which provide a soothing scent. This balm is activated with a warmth in the tissue, followed by a cooling sensation that alleviates discomfort and keeps you feeling good for several hours. You can soothe your muscles and joints with the Papa & Barkley Releaf CBD Balm and we love it! It’s a nice, thick salve that will penetrate deep into the muscles and joints. It comes in both a 15 ml and 50 ml jar with either 180 mg or 600 mg. A little will go a long way, check it out!

Releaf Drops:

The Papa & Barkley Releaf CBD Drops are made using whole plant infusion process,Releaf CBD Drops which allows your body to metabolize the cannabinoids faster. I started using these for myself and my fur babies last month. Although I am not a ginger fan I appreciate the flavor. I also immediately found the efficacy of the drops to be spot on for some of my minor daily pain issues. As an avid skier & snowboarder I have beat up my knees and body as well as I have some old injuries that often flare. These Releaf CBD Drops come with a measured dropper for precise servings, making it easy to find your individually preferred potency, and I have found them to be very effective for my aches and pains. Plus, it’s formulated from the whole plant without chemicals or solvents, resulting in a rich natural flavor. I am enjoying them and appreciate delicious lemongrass ginger flavor. These are quickly becoming one of my new go to products.

You Get To Be Excited, Too! Get A Free Gift With Purchase!

Because we are so excited about our new partnership and all the new products we love, we thought we would share some of our excitement with our customers! Any order over $100.00 will receive all 3 free sample products (while supplies last).

Can we ask a favor? The amazing thing about Papa & Barkley is that they have many amazing products that we could potentially carry and we may need help deciding what to onboard. We love your feedback, so please let us know what you think of the samples!  We hope you love them!