The Best Wellness Products

When it comes to wellness products, we try to cover all of our bases. While CBD can be great for overall wellness, we do carry a lot of other non-CBD wellness products that might be exactly what you’re looking for. Because of my history as a chronically ill human, I have tried what feels like every homeopathic product available. From essential oils to peculiar supplements to therapeutic tools, it can be overwhelming just trying to feel better in your body. Keep reading to see my list of the best wellness products that we carry!

The Best Wellness Products

Beard Oil

Beards may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about wellness, but the state of facial hair is still part of our well-being. I do not have a beard, but I know men who do, and they have had nothing but extremely positive things to say about our beard oil. This Michigan-made beard oil has a blend of jojoba and almond oils to keep your facial hair soft and avoid itchiness.

Coming in 3 different scents, there are options for everyone and all are made with organic ingredients. I (believe it or not) use these oils as a scalp treatment and I can attest to how delightful they smell and leave my hair afterward. If you have concerns about your beard’s wellbeing, look no further than our beard oil by The Little Flower Soap Company.

Body Oil

Our skin is our biggest organ, so taking care of it is absolutely a necessary part of our wellbeing. When I think of skincare, I typically think about taking care of my face, but that is only a small fraction of our skin. I you have dry or problematic skin, I cannot emphasize how truly amazing the Endoca Raw Hemp Seed Oil is. I struggle with Keratosis Pilaris along with scaring from things like falling down a cliff (I wish that was a joke).

While I am not a dermatologist and cannot diagnose, prescribe or treat, I can say that this oil has drastically improved the quality of both concerns. The back of my arms is smooth and my scaring has started to slowly fade. This thick oil does smell of hemp, but the high omega oil leaves your skin soft, shiny, and protected throughout the day and then some. I actually only use this oil after taking a shower and find that my skin is soft for a few days post application. I highly HIGHLY recommend using this body oil to improve the overall wellbeing of your skin.

Essential Oils

I don’t know how much credibility there is to some of the claims I have seen about essential oils, but I do know that our roll-ons really help me when I am feeling particularly anxious. I keep them in my purse for those moments and I simply apply the oil to the insides of my wrists, and my temples, and then I genuinely feel a little less overwhelmed.

The trials of day to day life can be really taxing, especially with the current state of the world, so taking that time to inhale some calming essential oils has been really impactful for my overall stress levels. I highly recommend our PEACE roll-on for anyone else who is struggling with stress and wants a wellness product to help manage that stress.

Hair Care

Similarly to beard oil, I feel good when my hair looks good, and feeling good is part of my wellness journey no matter what that looks like. Hemp has a ton of omegas that are deeply moisturizing and great for wavy hair, like my own. My favorite product from our hair care line is easily the hair masque. I love the lemon ginger scent and it leaves my hair INCREDIBLY soft when I wash it out. I find the whole process to be very soothing and it’s one of my favorite wellness products in general.


There are so many benefits to including raw honey in your diet, especially if it’s locally sourced. Our West Michigan made honey is an absolute must for me. I cannot fathom having a cup of tea without a spoonful of any of our flavors of honey, but the classic raw Great Lates Bee Co honey is what I grab most often. Especially if I’m struggling with a sore throat or allergies, it’s just so soothing. A must try for any honey lovers!

Immune Support

I have a weakend immune system and with the current state of the world, you can understand why finding an immune support wellness product was top priority for me. The CV Acute Immune Support has fundamentally changed how I view my health. If I even think I might be coming down with something, I take a few spoonfuls of this syrup for a few days before I even get the chance to get sick.

I cannot explain how many times this product has protected me or helped me overcome whatever bug is going around. As I am typing this I am coming down with a cold (negative for COVID) and relying on this bottle to help keep me running. With ingredients like Forsythia Fruit, Honesuckle, and the root of Baikal Skullcap, you just can’t go wrong.

What do you think?

When it comes to the best wellness products, not everything is the right fit for everyone. Everyone has different needs, but, hopefully after reading my thoughts you know what might help you maintain a happy, healthy life. We would love to hear what your favorite wellness products are or how you use the wellness products we carry. You can reach out to us at 866-244-4223 toll-free and by email at