The Best Hemp Clothing & Accessories

Hemp as a Fabric

When it comes to the best hemp clothing, we have seemingly tried it all here at Green Wellness. Hemp is a really cool fabric for a lot of reasons and when used well, it can be some of the most comfortable and practical hemp clothing imaginable. Quinton, a writer we used to work with a few years ago, wrote a blog about the antibacterial properties of hemp fabric. It was and still is so fascinating the different ways that we can utilize and benefit from hemp.

Hemp Clothing

When it comes to my clothing, I can be particular about fabrics because I have very sensitive skin. If a fabric “feels wrong” I can spend an unnatural amount of time focusing on that discomfort, which has made shopping an interesting endeavor. However, when it comes to hemp shirts I have NEVER had that problem. I think a lot of the stereotypes about hemp clothing are that it will be stiff and itchy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While hemp as a fabric can be a bit rough, hemp clothing is an entirely different beast.

Our shirts have never shrunk on me. I have noticed little to no fading after years of wear and tear. Above all, I feel like my shirt continues to get softer and softer with each wear. I wear my hemp shirts to the gym so they are as used and abused as they can get, yet they feel better than ever and look practically unworn. It sounds absurd and it kind of is. I have never loved fabric so adamantly and cannot get enough of my hemp gear.

Hemp Accessories

Speaking of hemp gear, hemp’s excellence is not limited to t-shirts. While still being soft, hemp is extremely durable and that makes it a great fabric for accessories. In the winter I use a leather bag that I bought in Paris, but in the summer I am always using my hemp tote bag as a purse. The fabric doesn’t tear or stretch and the print still looks brand new. We also have hemp scarves, hats, wallets, bracelets, dog collars, and we even have a journal made of hemp paper!

The Best of The Best

Hemp Hat

We are in Michigan so it is cold much of the year. We enjoy a lovely summer but fall and winter require some seriously warm gear. While we have two styles of hemp hats, by far my favorite is the hemp beanie. I wear my beanie pretty much as soon as the weather gets below 65 degrees and don’t take it off until spring comes back around.

My beanie is as cute as it is warm and extremely durable. If you didn’t look inside my hat to see the hair dye stains from wearing it with my hair still damp, you would never know that it’s been well worn and loved. I cannot recommend our hemp beanies enough!

Hemp Shirt

The best hemp shirt was extremely hard for me to decide on because I am so partial to all of our shirts. Any of our hemp shirts would be great options because of their soft, durable, nature. However, I am most partial to our baseball t-shirt and likely because I designed it. We take so much pride in being from the Great Lakes State that the Keep Michigan Green design is simply my favorite. I also really like the baseball sleeves and find the shirt to be quite flattering. That being said, whatever design speaks most to you will be the best hemp clothing for you.

Hemp Bag

How you use bags will impact which hemp bag is the best for you, but the tote bag is the best in my opinion. I really REALLY love our “Well behaved women seldom make history” design and find that I use our tote bags for just about everything. I use them when buying groceries, packing an overnight bag, and even as a purse in the summer.

We cannot express enough how truly versatile our hemp totes are. My cat Juno has even been known to sleep in our totes on occasion. They are unstructured so you can fold a lot of them up and keep them stashed around for when you need them. They are environmentally friendly, durable, fashionable, and my go-to bag for almost anything.

Hemp Bracelet

If you have never tried a hemp bracelet before, you are surely missing out. My left wrist has a perpetual cuff of bracelets from friends, trips I’ve been on, and a memorial bracelet that I never take off. Bracelets mean a lot to me and I don’t add them to my collection lightly, but I have always worn a hemp bracelet. They never fade, aren’t easily damaged, and get softer the longer that they are worn.

I love how comfortable the natural fiber bracelets are and if you want an accessory that will comfortably last, our hemp bracelets are the way to go! I am partial to the rainbow braided bracelet (closest to my hand), but there are lots of options to choose from. Whatever colors suit you, you are sure to love your hemp bracelet.

What’s The Best For You?

When it comes to the best hemp clothing, it is not a one size fits all kind of fabric. Everyone has different needs, but, hopefully, our, breakdown of my favorite hemp clothing will help you determine your best fit. See what I did there? We would love to hear what your favorite hemp clothing is or what your thoughts on hemp fabric are in general. You can reach out to us at 866-244-4223 toll-free and by email at

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