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Posted September 15th, 2019

Social CBD

By Op ed Blogger  Quinton Charles


What’s the deal?

Recently, one of our very favorite brands underwent a name change. I know, it’s a bit of a shock. So who is this mysterious company, shifting names? It’s Select! Or, it used to be. They are now operating under the name “Social CBD.” But what is happening to Select? Don’t worry, I’ll get to that.

Why “Social?”

As stated by Social themselves, “when it comes to calling ourselves Social CBD, we believe in sparking a movement around better self-care and greater health and it starts with the right conversations. From education, connection, and making hemp products widely available, we aim to break through the myths and shed light on the truths. We want false narratives around Hemp and misleading or poor quality products to be challenged, we want loved ones to be informed, and so much more.”

What about my drops (or capsules)?

Almost nothing is changing, thankfully. Their products will still come in that refreshingly teal bottle, with a friendly “S” over their company name. We will continue to carry all of our old Select CBD products, just under a slightly different name. So if you’re browsing on our store, search “Social” and not “Select” to find what you’re looking for.

So why the change?

The main reason that Sentia Wellness (the company that owns the Social CBD product line) is rebranding Select as Social CBD is due to their decision to make Social CBD a THC-free line. Select was running into difficulties because they carried both THC and non-THC products under the same name. In states where THC was illegal (but hemp and CBD are legal nationwide) they were having problems selling their products and spreading awareness about who they were and what their mission was. Social CBD products are committing to being a THC-free line.  They want Social to be a brand that is confidently embraced by athletes and families, alike. Ensuring a 0 THC content can absolutely aid in that mission. Social CBD may be the perfect product for anyone who is looking for CBD products but isn’t wanting the additional traces of THC that can sometimes be present.

Anything new?

Broad Spectrum CBD Drop

As I was looking through Social’s website to see what the changes entailed, I started to notice that they were doubling down on their commitment to broad spectrum CBD products. The one that particularly caught my eye was the Meyer Lemon drops (any regular readers will know my predilection for citrus). You can imagine my joy at learning that we carry this product! Social seems dedicated to delivering high-quality, potent products at an affordable price. We’ve talked about broad spectrum before. It’s the cannabinoid base that includes the 80+ compounds that occur naturally in Hemp, less the THC compound. Everything else growing in that plant in the ground makes it into the bottle.

Social is also launching CBD patches and topical creams, including a foot cream that we’re testing right now.  We love topical CBD as it gets to work quickly, soothing muscles and joints. We’re excited to be able to share these new products with you!

Test results

Just as before, Social is going to provide information about the specific batch of CBD that your product is made with. All you have to do is go to their website, click the “test results” tab above the main menu bar, and enter the identification for your batch that is found on your product box.

I actually tested it with one of mine and was fascinated by the process when I saw how much CBD was actually in my batch. But I was confused about one acronym: LoQ. I did some research and found that LoQ stands for “Limit of Quantitation.” I then had to do further research to find out what that was. According to the National Institute of Health, LoQ “ is the lowest concentration at which the analyte can not only be reliably detected but at which some predefined goals for bias and imprecision are met.” Now this time in English. LoQ means that whatever is being marked as LoQ on the test results is at the lowest amount detectable that satisfies the analysis. What’s most interesting is that the laboratory can set their own LoQ, based on their equipment capability. Social CBD’s testing is performed at Pixis Labs, which is an ISO certified facility that tests food and municipal drinking water as well. Pixis started as an environmental soil testing laboratory and has been in operation for nearly 40 years. Their LoQ is .003%. That is an incredibly small quantity, giving us confidence that what they say is in that bottle is there and what we want to exclude (that THC) is missing!

Rest Gel Capsules

What we think:

I’ve already been singing Social’s praise through most of this blog (and I’ve done so in a few reviews before), but I’m not alone in being happy to see this rebranding. We at Green Wellness love Social’s products. Well, we love Select’s products (but they’re the same now!). We have tried them and written our opinions about them before. So why are we happy to see Select become Social CBD? Because we recognize how difficult it can be to deal with regulation on what is classified as hemp versus what is classified as cannabis, and we are always supporting public access to safe, clean, and THC-free supplements. In many ways, we see our mission as similar to that of Social, and we couldn’t support them more if we tried.

Change is good.

So what’s the takeaway? Social CBD, despite the new name, has the same colors, the same products, and the same commitment to quality at an affordable price. Even before the rebranding, many of their products were already THC-free. Now they are focusing on becoming a THC-free line of products. For the majority of you reading this, there will be little if any, noticeable change. I bet that some people wouldn’t have evenSocial CBD Patch noticed the change without having had it pointed out to them (I know that I would be counted in their numbers). This rebranding is a way for Social CBD to be able to achieve their goals and ultimately help you. We’re excited to see what’s next and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have along the journey!

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