Smoking Dog – High Potency 1:1 Gummies – Blue Raspberry


Each gummy contains 10 mg nano CBD as well as 10 mg nano THC for a balanced high. Smoking Dog Full Spectrum Gummies are manufactured using Proprietary Water Soluble Nanotechnology, which allows for fast-acting results – within 30 minutes!

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Introducing Smoking Dog Blue Raspberry High Potency Gummies, the perfect way to elevate your experience and achieve higher living. These gummies pack a powerful punch, with each one containing 10 mg of nano CBD and 10 mg of nano THC for a balanced high.


  • 10mg CBD & 10mg Delta-9 THC
  • Available in Blue Raspberry & Pineapple flavors

What sets Smoking Dog Full Spectrum Gummies apart is our innovative Proprietary Water Soluble Nanotechnology. Our in-house scientists have broken down the CBD and THC into nanoparticles using this cutting-edge technique, allowing for rapid absorption and fast-acting results. In fact, you can start feeling the effects within just 30 minutes!

But it doesn’t stop there. With our proprietary technology, the nano-sized CBD and THC molecules penetrate deeply into your body’s cells, providing increased bioavailability at the cellular level. No more waiting around for hours for the effects to kick in. With Smoking Dog Full Spectrum Gummies, you’ll experience the benefits quicker than ever.

However, it’s important to note that this product contains THC derived from hemp and could result in failing a drug test. Please consume responsibly and be mindful of any potential obligations or restrictions.

Elevate your senses with Smoking Dog Blue Raspberry High Potency Gummies. Try them today and discover a new level of enjoyment.


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