Nighttime Nirvana Bundle

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The Nighttime Nirvana package presents a serene assortment of Mother Earth’s offerings, with the goal of delivering a peaceful and revitalizing experience. This thoughtfully selected combination comprises Huron Hemp Nighttime Gummies, Mother Earth’s Ashwagandha, One-Daily Multi Vitamin, and Magnesium Glycinate, each contributing significantly to promoting relaxation, improving sleep, and nurturing the body.

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Introducing the Nighttime Nirvana Bundle

The Nighttime Nirvana bundle offers a blissful collection of Mother Earth’s treasures, aiming to provide a tranquil and rejuvenating experience. This thoughtfully curated selection includes Huron Hemp Nighttime Gummies, Mother Earth’s Ashwagandha, One-Daily Multi Vitamin, and Magnesium Glycinate, each playing a vital role in promoting relaxation, enhancing sleep, and nourishing the body.

Huron Hemp Nighttime Gummies

The Huron Hemp Nighttime gummies are designed to transport individuals to a realm of sweet dreams. Infused with soothing hemp extract and delightful fruit flavors, these gummies serve as a gentle lullaby, promoting relaxation and aiding in sleep.


  • 20mg CBD and 20mg CBN
  • 30 Gummies per container
  • Assorted Flavors with Natural Coloring


  • Has potential to promote relaxation and aid in sleep
  • Anti-inflammatory properties may help to reduce inflammation and pain

Mother Earth’s Ashwagandha

Mother Earth’s Ashwagandha is a mystical stress-buster renowned for its ability to soothe and calm. With its potent blend of natural ingredients, it helps individuals combat stress and embrace inner tranquility, providing support for maintaining healthy cortisol levels and promoting a healthy response to physiological and psychological stress.


  • 500mg of Ashwagandha Extract per capsule
  • Vegetarian Capsules, Vegan Friendly, Gluten and Dairy Free
  • 60 Servings per container


  • May help to maintain healthy cortisol levels
  • Helps to maintain the body’s healthy response to stress
  • May provide a benefit to mental focus and acuity

Mother Earth’s One-Daily Multi Vitamin

This comprehensive multivitamin-mineral formula offers a daily dose of essential nutrients, providing support for energy function, immune health, and normal, healthy cell growth. Crafted to nourish the body and soul, each serving aims to leave individuals feeling invigorated and resilient.


  • Iron Free
  • 60 Servings per container


  • CoQ10 provides antioxidant protection and helps support energy function
  • Important immune-boosting supplement
  • Supports normal, healthy cell growth

Mother Earth’s Magnesium Glycinate

Mother Earth’s Magnesium Glycinate acts as a magical sprinkle of stardust, banishing muscle cramps and inducing a state of pure relaxation. With its superior absorption and bioavailability, this mineral plays a crucial role in reducing anxiety levels, maintaining normal healthy blood pressure, and promoting the relaxation of smooth muscles.


  • 400mg of Magnesium per serving
  • Superior Absorption & Bioavailability
  • 30 Servings per container


  • Helps the body respond quickly to stress
  • Critical for relaxation of smooth muscles, including those in blood vessels

With the Nighttime Nirvana Bundle, individuals can look forward to drifting into dreamland feeling rejuvenated, and waking up ready to seize the day with a renewed sense of vitality.


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