Huron Hemp – CBD Flower – Lifter


Lifter Hemp Flower is a cross between Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud. This strain is a perfect daytime strain due to its energized feeling.
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Looking for a hemp flower to help you kick off your day? Lifter Hemp Flower is a hemp cultivar created by crossing Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud. Buds have a unique scent of funky cheese with a hint of fuel smell, a potent aroma! Visually the buds have a tight structure, bright green color, bits of faint dark purple, dusting of white trichomes and clumps of orange brown pistils. Users report feeling energized and a relaxed feeling throughout their body.

Perfect for helping provide the user with focus, energy, and an uplifting start to their day.

Terpene profile: A-Bisabolol, B-Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene

Lifter Hemp Flower contains 16.75% total cannabinoids


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