Get Sh*t Done Bundle

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We are thrilled to introduce the Get It Done collection, a thoughtfully selected set intended to provide individuals with the crucial support needed to tackle their day with assurance and energy. This dynamic assortment includes Huron Hemp Daytime Gummies, Mother Earth’s B-Complex, Mother Earth’s Organic Cordyceps, and Mother Earth’s One-Daily Multi, each playing a pivotal role in enhancing focus, vitality, and overall well-being.

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Introducing the Get Sh*t Done Bundle

We are thrilled to introduce the Get Sh*t Done Bundle, a thoughtfully assembled collection aimed at providing individuals with the essential support needed to conquer their day with confidence and vigor. This dynamic combination includes Huron Hemp Daytime Gummies, Mother Earth’s B-Complex, Mother Earth’s Cordyceps, Mother Earth’s Ginkgo Biloba, and Mother Earth’s One Daily Multi Vitamin, each playing a crucial role in promoting focus, energy, vitality, and overall well-being.

Huron Hemp Daytime Gummies

These gummies are crafted to provide an extra boost, serving as small bursts of energy to help individuals conquer their day. With the potential to increase focus and attention and the added benefit of potentially decreasing inflammation, these gummies stand as reliable companions for individuals seeking to navigate their day with vitality and focus.


  • 25mg CBD and 25mg CBG
  • 30 Gummies per container
  • Assorted Flavor with Natural Coloring


  • May help increase focus and attention
  • Has potential to decrease inflammation

Mother Earth’s B-Complex

Packed with a dynamic blend of B vitamins, this powerhouse supplement serves as the ultimate support for maintaining energy, metabolism, and vitality. With 850mg of Organic Whole Food Complex Blend and 8 different B vitamins, these capsules work together to support nerve and heart function, aid in the metabolism of amino acids, and produce energy from fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, providing a burst of vitality for individuals aiming to turbocharge their day.


  • 850mg of Organic Whole Food Complex Blend
  • 8 Different B Vitamins
  • 30 Servings per container


  • Supports nerve and heart function
  • Aids in the metabolism of amino acids
  • Produces energy from fats, carbohydrates, and proteins

Mother Earth’s Ginkgo Biloba

A powerful cognitive enhancer derived from the ancient wisdom of the Gikgo tree, this elixir is designed to unlock mental superpowers and help individuals conquer the day with ease.


  • 120mg Ginkgo Leaf Extract per capsule
  • Standardized to 24% Flavonglycosides, 6% Terpene Lactones, 0.8% Ginkgolide B
  • 50 servings per container


  • Helps protect healthy brain cells against free radicals
  • May support circulation and the delivery of oxygen to the brain
  • Has the potential to improve glucose levels

Mother Earth’s Organic Cordyceps

Discover the key to unlocking peak focus and productivity with Mother Earth’s Organic Cordyceps Mushroom. This magical capsule is designed to supercharge mental clarity, boost cognitive performance, and elevate productivity to legendary heights.


  • 2 Vegetarian Capsules providing 1g of Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Mycelium Powder
  • Standardized to 40% polysaccharides, 400mg
  • 30 servings per container


  • Enhances mental clarity and focus, boosting productivity
  • Supports cognitive performance and mental endurance
  • May aid in maintaining steady energy levels for sustained productivity

Mother Earth’s One Daily Multi Vitamin

With a comprehensive multivitamin-mineral formula in a one capsule per day dose, this gem serves as a power-up for the body and mind, offering CoQ10 for antioxidant protection, immune-boosting support, and the maintenance of normal, healthy cell growth. With 60 servings per container, this supplement stands as a secret weapon for individuals aiming to stay healthy, strong, and ready to take on the challenges of each day.


  • Comprehensive multivitamin-mineral formula in a one capsule per day dose
  • CoQ10 provides antioxidant protection & helps support energy function
  • Iron Free
  • 60 Servings per container


  • Important immune-boosting supplement
  • Supports normal, healthy cell growth

With the power-packed Get Sh*t Done Bundle, individuals are primed to seize the day with confidence and vitality, ready to tackle whatever life throws their way.


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