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Cured Aura CBD Capsules are formulated with 15mg Broad Spectrum CBD, Turkey Tail mushrooms, and Chaga mushrooms to improve gut health.

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Cured Nutrition Aura CBD capsules blend two of the most powerful immune-enhancing and gut healing mushrooms in the world, Turkey Tail and Chaga, to strengthen your body’s defense against the harmful effects of stress, while modulating the immune system and maintaining gut health and integrity.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable bloat and support your diet with nutrient absorption with these Cured Aura CBD capsules.

Product Details:

  • Functional Mushroom, CBD, and Adaptogen blend
  • 15mg of Broad Spectrum CBD per serving
  • All natural ingredients
  • Vegetarian & Gluten Free
  • THC-Free

Ingredients with Purpose

  • Turkey Tail:
    • An antioxidant-rich mushroom that supports increased immune function and gut health
  • Chaga:
    • Supports a healthy immune system and fights oxidative stress
  • DGL Licorice Root:
    • Promotes digestive comfort and protects the gut lining
  • Ginger:
    • Supports movement of food through the digestive tract and provides nausea relief
  • Turmeric:
    • Contributes to healthy digestion and reduces inflammation
  • Oregon Grape Root:
    • Provides digestive stimulant properties
  • Vitamin D:
    • Facilitates strong immune function and helps fight illness
  • Zinc:
    • An essential nutrient necessary for immune cell function
  • Cannabidiol:
    • Supports stress management and overall balance within the body

With ingredients like this in the Cured Nutrition Aura CBD Capsules, you can rest assured that you are actively promoting a balanced gut-brain axis, improving your nutrient absorption, healing and sealing your gut lining, and bolstering your overall health. When we say that Aura is the key to radiating from the inside-out, we mean it. In one simple step, you are solidifying a vibrant gut-brain connection.


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