CBDFx – Cookie – 20mg CBD / 10mg THC – Birthday Cake


CBDFx Delta-9 THC Cookie + CBD contains 10mg of THC and 20mg of CBD. This birthday cake flavored cookie is free of eggs, dairy, and soy. It is an oragnic, non-GMO, and vegan cookie.

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CBDFx Birthday Cake Cookie combines CBD + Delta 9 THC to give you a powerful cannabinoid experience in a sweet cookie. This full spectrum CBD cookie has an added dose of THC. Creating relaxation with blissful mood elevation all wrapped up in a delicious Birthday Cake cookie.


  • Relaxation: Gentle restful properties for the mind and body

  • Stress reduction: soothing calm for nervousness and tension

  • Mood elevation: enhanced peace of mind

  • Wellness: Full Spectrum support for the Endocannabinoid System


Serving size is one half of a cookie, with 10mg CBD and 5mg THC per serving. You may need to wait 60 minutes or longer before feeling the effects.


  • Full cookie contains 2:1 20mg CBD and 10mg THC

  • Serving size is one-half of a cookie

  • 100% organically grown hemp extracted into Full Spectrum CBD

  • All-natural flavors


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