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Huron Hemp – CBD Flower – Pink Panther


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Pink Panther is a Sativa dominant hemp strain, this flower is sungrown cultivated.

18.44% CBD Content .54% CBGA Content

Total Cannabinoid Content 22.44% per gram

Terpene Concentration 1.99%

Terpenes Present: Terpinolene, B-Caryophyllene, B-Myrcene

Pink Panther will have you feeling inspired, calm, and uplifted.

Pink Panther is a cross between Cat’s Meow and Alpen Gluex.

Pink Panther is a unique sativa dominant hemp flower, it’s sweet and sour candy taste packs a strong diesel smell. Pink Panther is one of the most colorful sativa hemp strains having deep orange hairs and pops of purple with some buds being all purple in color. A powerful uplifting strain that stimulates the mind.

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