Pride IS Here


By Quinton Charles and Cara Oorbeck

We are a CBD company, so why in the world are we writing a blog on this, you may wonder? I, Cara, have been working at Green Wellness Life for two years now, but before GWL, I spent some time (15 years to be exact) in full time vocational ministry. During seminary and ministry I was continuously learning about loving people. Walking alongside people drastically changed my perspectives. I became less judgmental and dedicated myself to actively listening and caring about others.By truly hearing and seeing all humans, I have often found myself surprised and inspired by the unique stories of every individual. Even though I have not been a pastor for 15 years, this is a practice I continue to work on. I have found I learn so much from others who are different than me!

In 2020, like many, including my co-workers at GWL, I feel deeply saddened by the current state of dissension. We believe it’s crucial to honor our history and embrace people with acceptance and love. It’s essential for both organizations and individuals to actively care about all walks of life, regardless of personal beliefs, as many of us know or love someone who is gay, bisexual, or transgendered. Therefore, we want to show solidarity and embrace people where they are by honoring our history and human kind’s journey.

What is Pride?

Since 1970, the LGBTQ+ community has celebrated Pride to honor LGBT history, identity, and progress. Starting in the United States, Pride quickly spread to become an international celebration honoring LGBT persons and their work for recognition. Since 2009, June has been National LGBT History Month in the United States. But why June? On the 28th of June, 1969, riots occurred along Christopher street in New York City, outside the now-famous Stonewall Inn. 

Context Leading to the Stonewall Uprising

  •  Pre-Stonewall Harassment:

Police commonly harassed and arrested gays, lesbians, and transgender persons due to discriminatory laws and regulations.

  • Limited Social Spaces:

Discriminatory laws severely restricted places where LGBT persons could socialize and be open about their sexuality.

  • Mafia-owned Bars:

Many bars open to LGBT patrons were mafia-owned, offering a safe space for LGBT customers without fear of police violence or arrest.

The Night of the Uprising

Police Raid:

On the night of June 28, 1969, a police raid occurred at the Stonewall Inn without prior announcement.


Patrons refused to give their IDs to the police and resisted arrest, leading to a sizable crowd gathering outside the bar.

Violence and Uprising:

The situation turned violent as the crowd resisted arrest, leading to clashes with the police and a subsequent six-day rioting and violence against the police.

Continued Struggle:

The riots marked the beginning of an era in which LGBT persons would not accept poor treatment.

Annual Celebrations:

Since then, celebrations have occurred in June, commemorating the liberation of LGBT persons and the beginning of their active struggle for equal recognition.

LGBT Community and Hemp

Just like the LGBT community, people who support full legalization of hemp have faced enormous hurdles in their path to equal recognition under the law. For example, some of the earliest agitation for the legalization of hemp was by the LGBT community in the 1980s. They sought to legalize cannabis as a therapy for the ongoing HIV/AIDS pandemic. And it isn’t just one way. Hemp-related businesses and industries have been some of the most supportive businesses of the LGBT community. Maybe it is because they understand how it feels to be overlooked and treated as immoral. No matter the reason, LGBT individuals and the hemp industry have always stood together. 

Green Wellness Life and the LGBT community

Now more than ever is a time to talk about inequality in our society, to celebrate the wins, and fight for those who still are without a voice. To honor the rich history and social justice we have a GIVEAWAY! You can win a pair of Bombas pride socks and a bottle of WYLD gummies as a colorful CBD daily supplement by simply following us on social media and commenting #GWLpride. We are happy to give away these socks as every item purchased from Bombas is an item donated at a homeless shelter. Bombas has donated over 30 million clothing items to more than 3,000 Giving Partners across the country. There are many ways to show pride, but these rainbow socks and colorful gummies are a reminder to live life colorfully and boldly, and speak your truth! The winner will be announced Monday, June 8th, 2020, so don’t miss out on this opportunity! 

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