By Quinton Charles, Op-ed blogger

Who are they?

It’s time for another review. As per usual, I took some time to explore Plus CBD’s website to see if anything really stood out that I could bring to your attention. Unfortunately, there was not much written about the company’s story, so I was forced to deduce their values and goals from how they present their products and the information that they share. And I’ve got news.

They’re one of the good ones. Plus CBD logo

Like many other CBD brands, Plus CBD is big on third-party testing and increasing transparency when it comes to customer knowledge of their products. It is a point of pride for Plus CBD that all of their products sport a QR code that links to batch testing results for that specific product. In an industry like CBD, this is huge. 

But why is it such a big deal that Plus CBD is prioritizing testing and access to results? It has to do with how cannabis, as a plant, works. Some plants are better than others at cleaning the environment and healing mother nature. Cannabis is one of these superhero plants, as it soaks up large amounts of toxins from the soil and the air. While this is normally a good thing, problems can arise when a plant that has “cleaned up” an area is processed for commercial use. All of those toxins could wind up in you!

So how can this be avoided? By doing exactly what Plus CBD is: labeling and pushing for transparency. And they aren’t acting alone in doing this. Plus CBD is recognized by and has the approval of the US Hemp Authority, which is an organization founded with the purpose of recognizing CBD companies that operate safely, engage in third-party testing, and are committed to increasing the reliability of hemp products. 

As a part of this focus on transparency and customer awareness, Plus CBD also regularly publishes new blogs and videos discussing new developments in cannabis and our understanding of its uses, and also attempts to answer common questions that people often have about CBD. 

I think that these are all commendable in a company, and I look forward to reading more of their blogs in the future. Definitely give their website a look if you have the time. 

Plus CBD Products

I can praise a company’s website, commitment to safety and reliability, and their transparency all day, but that won’t help you decide what suits your needs best, will it? I love knowing that a company’s CBD is safe, but I also love knowing what product is best for my needs.

We carry five Plus CBD products:

Plus CBD Maximum Strength Formula Softgels Review

Plus CBD Maximum Strength 50mg SoftgelsI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, capsules are perfect for when you know how much CBD you need and want to stay consistent. Droppers can become messy and inaccurate, which is a big problem if you need to stay consistent with the amount of CBD you are intaking. Your body can build up a tolerance, so it is important to not wildly fluctuate the amount of CBD that it is getting. 

Plus CBD’s max strength softgels are useful for keeping consistent, and are also full-spectrum. Why point this out? Because, unlike an isolate, a full-spectrum product is going to give you the benefits of all the plant matter, CBD, terpenes, and all the other goodies contained in a cannabis plant. This is as close to nature as it gets, from the plant to you. And, with 50mg per capsule (of full-spectrum CBD, too), I am certain that it will meet your needs.

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Plus CBD Gold Formula Skin Serum Review

Skin SerumThis one is a little different. I’ve covered lotions in the past (there are a lot of great options!), but this is a serum. Typically, you would use the serum to hydrate just like a lotion, but would apply less. This is because the serum is a very simple mixture of oils and CBD. 

I regularly get dry areas on my face during the winter, and I have found that this serum is one of the best ways to counter this problem. Unlike lotions, which are great but don’t seem to last all day, adding a little oil to the affected area helps me not crack and flake (gross, I know). 

This serum contains 50mg of CBD per bottle, so don’t expect to get too much CBD from it, but it is enough for what it is meant to do. It doesn’t feel as oily as you think it would on the skin, and the lavender scent is pleasant and subtle. 

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Plus CBD Hemp Oil Spray Review

Pluscbd oil evoo hemp oil spray cafe mochaThis is a fun one. CBD Spray! In many ways, this is similar to breath freshener spray. It smells like peppermint (or cafe mocha, if you prefer that option to peppermint), you spray it in your mouth from a small bottle, and it’s easily carried in a small bag or pocket. 

The bottle has 500mg of CBD total, which comes out to about 3mg per spray. It’s another full-spectrum, so you are getting all of the plant goodies along with the CBD!

I have found that this product is best used as a booster. Whenever you need a little more CBD, or just want some minty breath, it is a perfect product to pull out of a jacket pocket or a purse. I wouldn’t recommend use for anything more than a booster, though (who wants to spray that much?).

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Plus CBD CBD & CBDa Softgels Review

raw softgelsThis is a little different from the other softgels. It’s technically full-spectrum, but it also contains CBDa. What is CBDa, you say? CBDa (cannabidiolic acid) is the precursor to CBD. CBDa, when it undergoes heat and processing, turns into CBD. The raw plant (contained in this product) contains large amounts of CBDa. 

Another cool fact is that CBDa has been shown to decrease inflammation in clinical studies due to how CBDa interacts with the cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) enzyme. I’ll spare you the academic paper, but COX-2 basically increases and causes inflammation in the body, and CBDa actively blocks this enzyme. Pretty cool, right?

Because of this difference in ingredients, these softgels are only 5mg per capsule (a total of 300mg per bottle). Don’t be deceived by this small number, though. The CBDa more than makes up for the lower serving of CBD. 

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Plus CBD Gold Softgels Review

Plus CBD Full Spectrum 15mg SoftgelThis last product is pretty straightforward. There are 60 capsules, totaling 900mg of CBD (or 15mg of CBD per capsule), and they are full-spectrum, giving you the benefits of the whole plant. 

At 15mg of CBD per capsule, this is a good option for people who need a stable serving of CBD, but don’t want the much larger 50mg serving. 

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Happy to help

Hopefully, you gained a little bit of insight into how cannabis plants work, what CBDa is, and how Plus CBD could be a good option for your CBD needs. We always are seeking to help our customers discover new CBD products, new ideas, and new knowledge. 

With this in mind, feel free to call us at 866-244-4223, stop in at our new storefront, send us an email, or message us on social media. We would love to chat about CBD, your needs, what brought you to CBD, and how we can help you live a more positive and fulfilling life. Thanks again!