Panacea Has A New Look

Panacea Has A New LookBrandy SelfieBy Brandelle Palmer GWL Founder/Owner

Here at Green Wellness, we have known and loved the Panacea line for years. Panacea Life Sciences was founded on the philosophy that cultivating everyday wellness requires nature, nurture, and a healthy dose of science. Their team comes from a background that includes medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. They’ve taken that knowledge and used it to develop a number of products that we carry at GWL. Let’s start at the beginning with farming.

The Panacea Life Sciences Way

The Panacea supply chain starts with their Colorado farm where they say their “experienced growers use certified organic practices, Rocky mountain spring water and Colorado sunshine to cultivate the highest quality hemp around.” Once the hemp comes out of the ground, it’s heated, filtered, and tested to ensure proper potency and terpene distribution. That extracted product then goes into a wide range of products, including tinctures, capsules and fast acting tabs.

So, if Panacea isn’t new to us and their farming and testing practices haven’t changed, why are we talking about them? Good question. The short answer is that Panacea is growing and they’ve updated their product name and labeling to grow with them.

Introducing Pana Health!

Panacea Life will now be known simply as Pana. That’s being done to incorporate a number of divisions:

  • Pana Health
  • Pana Sport
  • Pana Pet
  • Pana Beauty

Product HighlightsPana Health Daily 50mg Softgels

At GWL, our focus is on the Pana Health Products. Those include three softgel options and a fast tab.

  • Pana Health Daily Softgels

    Pana Health Daily CBD Softgels are a powerful higher strength option for people who are looking to include a whole plant CBD product in their daily regimen. These are intended to be time release and contain peppermint and coconut oil to avoid an earthy aftertaste.

  • Pana Health PM Softgels

    Pana Health PM 25mg SoftgelsPana Health PM Softgels are a terrific sleep option, containing whole plant CBD and 5 mg of Melatonin per softgel. The idea is that the Melatonin will put you to sleep and the CBD will keep you there, allowing you to awake feeling more energized and ready for a new day.

  • Pana Health Fast Tabs

    Pana Health F.A.S.T. 25mg Sublingual Tablets

    Pana Health Fast Tabs are the only product in this line that we carry that are 0 THC. They are also one of our favorite boosters. Fast Tabs are absorbed by the lining of our cheek rather than your digestive system, allowing them to get to work much more quickly. They’re a quick “boost” of CBD in your day.

Labeling Changes

Old Packaging New Packaging

Old and New Packaging
If you’ve purchased the Panacea line from us before, you’ll notice a change in the strength on the labels as well. The Panacea team believes in full label disclosure and prides themselves in keeping the whole plant intact. As a result, their labels stated the total cannabinoid content – not just the CBD quantity. While that stance is great for product information, it’s not commonly used. It’s much more popular to state strictly the CBD content. In an effort to better align with the industry standard, Panacea has made that shift as well. While those labels will read a little differently, the product in the bottles has not changed. Lab Test Result

Pana Health products have also gotten a little more affordable, which is a great thing! We find that our manufacturers who are truly managing the line from seed to shelf have the ability to better control and reduce costs, enabling us to pass on those savings to our customers. It’s a win/win for sure!

What’s Next?

We look forward to watching Panacea continue to grow and change. We know that there is no one size fits all where CBD is concerned. We’d love to help you determine if Panacea’s Pana Health line is YOUR best fit. We’re available by phone at 866-244-4223 or by email at Stay well and we hope to hear from you soon!

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