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Brandy Selfieby Brandelle Palmer 
Founder and Owner of Green Wellness Life

Why We Love Method Organics 

While I’ve lived in Southwest Michigan for the majority of my adult life, I was actually born in Vermont.  I love the mountains, the lake and maple syrup.  We have to – it’s in our blood.  That last one is actually how Method Organics got my attention. We’ve tried a lot of things, but CBD infused maple syrup was a first for us.  And let me tell you, it’s everything I hoped it would be.

Northeast Hemp Commodities, the team behind the Method Organics line, began its journey into the world of hemp in April of 2018. They manage the hemp process from the field to the shelf.  Their journey started as a group of friends with a summer project. Sam was an avid CBD user and a dairy farmer and Tylor was an entrepreneur and a CBD advocate. They had the knowledge to start the farming process, but called on the experts within their social group when it came time to harvest, process and expand. The start of this business also cultivated new friendships and built up the community of Middlebury, Vermont.

It is More Than Just CBD

The Method Organics team also focuses on more than just CBD, with an emphasis on growing high CBG strains of hemp.  What’s CBG, you ask?  Cannabigerol, or CBG, is considered a “minor” cannabinoid, meaning one of the 100+ compounds that occurs in hemp and marijuana plants at a percentage of 1% or less. Hemp and marijuana produce cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), as the precursor or “parent” compound to THC and CBD, along with all of those minor compounds.  Plant enzymes break down that CBGA and turn it into either a THC or CBD/CBG compound.  Plants higher in THC will be lower in the other cannabinoids and vice versa.  Farmers are taking this information and using it to modify specific strains in order to encourage higher CBG strains, for it’s promise in acting on specific physiological systems and problems.  There are studies linking the coupons to a host of potential therapeutic uses, including everything from treating glaucoma to killing drug resistant bacteria.

What is CBG?

Like CBD, CBG is non-intoxicating.  So why hasn’t it experienced the same rapid growth as CBD? In short, it’s difficult and expensive to produce, so much so that it’s been dubbed “the Rolls-Royce of cannabinoids.”  It can take thousands of pounds of bulk hemp to produce a small amount of CBG isolate.  If the CBG content of a hemp crop is 20% CBD / 1% CBG, you’ll need 20x the hemp to manufacture CBG versus CBD.

Check Out New Products From Method Organics

CBD/CBG 1:1 Pre-RollsHemp Flower Pre-Rolls

Even with those known barriers, the Method Organics team felt that the benefit was worth it and went to work on hemp genetics. The result has been a myriad of products including salve, tinctures and hemp flower that are focused on CBG.  At GWL, we’ve onboarded one of these – the 1:1 Flower Pre-Rolls.  This is our first foray into smokable hemp flower and we’re definitely getting great feedback.  Hannah is our smoker in the office.  She states that…<insert detail>.  These pre rolls are hand filled with 100% hand trimmed CBD and CBG 1:1 hemp flower grown in Vermont and rolled in all natural rice paper.  Every harvest is hang dried and slow cured to ensure an enjoyable hit with every puff.  They come in a three pack and are very reasonably priced.

Water Soluble Tincture

Method Organics CBD Beverage DropsIn addition to the pre-rolls, we’ve onboarded another really cutting edge product from Method Organics – the water soluble tincture.  Traditionally, tinctures are an oil base.  We all know the adage that you can’t mix oil and water.  If you add a traditional oil based tincture to your coffee or orange juice, it won’t fully mix with your beverage.  You may even end up with some of that CBD stuck to your glass instead of in your system. Nobody wants that to happen – enter water soluble tinctures.  In order to manufacture these tinctures, the oil molecule is actually altered to convert an oil to a salt, allowing it to mix with a liquid.  There are additional differences as well.  A water soluble option will likely absorb into your body more quickly, but it may not last as long in your system.  It’s also a great fit for anyone with a sensitive digestive system as oil can be more difficult to digest. This Isolate tincture is THC free and utilizes water soluble CBD and CBG extracts in a liquid form to enhance the cannabinoid absorption.  This tincture can be added to any beverage great value at $59.99 for a 1000mg bottle.

Oil Based Peppermint Tincture

Method Organics CBD Oil Drops We’ve also onboarded the more traditional 1000mg oil-based tincture.  This organic, vermont grown full spectrum tincture infused in MCT oil has a a great peppermint flavor and again, an outstanding value at $44.99 for 1000mg.  You can’t go wrong with this one!

CBD Maple Sticks

CBD Maple SticksThe fourth product we’ve brought on from Method Organics are the maple sticks.  Shocker, I know.  What can I say – they’re a fun, delicious way to get in 25mg of CBD. Sometimes I use them as an afternoon pick me up.  Nothing says “happy” like Maple Syrup!

We’re loving this homegrown line from the great state of Vermont – can’t wait for you to try it!

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