Meet the Family: Hannah's Pain Management

Green Wellness Staff

Green Wellness started as a one woman operation and quickly grew, but we are still small when it comes to our staffing. Did you realize that there are only 3 of us on staff that manage product, shipping, marketing, customer service and so much more? Each of us has our specialties and in the office, nicknames to easily identify us, mine being my pain management.

We are so proud of Green Wellness and the ways in which we provide education, quality products, and customer service. In fact, our customer reviews reflect our excellence. That being said, only being a 3 person operation can also be challenging, especially when there are so many things that need to get done in a day! I am one of those individuals that makes sure your products are shipped in a timely fashion, posts on our social media accounts, and ensures that you are satisfied with your experience. My name is Hannah Laing. This week we thought maybe you would like to hear about myself and some of my top picks! So here it goes…

All About Hannah

If you have chatted with me on the phone or read some of the blogs that I’ve written in the past, you will know that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and predominantly rely on CBD for my pain management. I was diagnosed when I was still in high school and working here has been a key part of my healing. It can be really emotionally difficult to process having a chronic illness, let alone two, let alone having them as a teenager, let alone learning to manage the pain that comes with chronic illnesses. It’s been A LOT.  I was prescribed pain killers, muscle relaxers, mood stabilizers, and other drugs to counteract the side effects of all the other prescriptions. I felt like just as I was supposed to be entering my adulthood, I was drowning in my “pills of the week” container and debilitating pain. I felt like my joy was robbed from me, which is a part of my pain management that I was not prepared for.

I have been described in many different ways, but joyless is not one of them. I spend most of my free time going on hikes in the woods and creating, either painting or making jewelry or playing with clay. I sing too much, I talk very loudly and enthusiastically about everything, I love to help others, and above all I try to be kind. All of these attributes require joy and it has been a journey to find and maintain that joy. I understand more than someone my age should the importance of the quality of life and how fragile life truly is, and for that I am grateful.

Working At Green Wellness

I started working at Green Wellness when I was just 18 years old and so much has changed since then. When I was first hired, it was just to process orders, ship them, and unpack the inventory that gets delivered. I have instead found a family being part of the staff here at Green Wellness and a whole new way of life with regards to my pain management. Brandy, the owner, has pushed me to find a healthier and happier life through yoga, supporting me with gluten free snacks at the office, and helping me learn the ins and outs of business. I am such a healthier, happier person here working at Green Wellness, and my job has changed accordingly. I now make a lot of our graphics, run our social media, send a fair amount of our emails, take and edit product photos, manage our Amazon store, and the list goes on and on. Through all of my time being part of the staff, I have learned and grown so much that some of the things I have learned while working here are part of my daily life.

My Favorite Products

Endoca Raw 1500mg CBD CBDa softgelsOne does not work for a CBD store without trying a lot of CBD. When I first started, I was taking the Entourage softgels for their whole plant content, starting with 15mgs and them moving up to 30mgs. I was not finding as much relief as I hoped and Cara, another staff member, recommended I try the Endoca Raw CBDa capsules, and my life has never been the same since. I have since been able to wean off of all of my pharmaceuticals and now only use cannabinoids, diet, and exercise to manage my pain. Let me reiterate, I went from losing my vision, fainting, extremely painful joints and bruised limbs to taking CBD daily and doing yoga, with a full life. I’m sure you have some questions about what I use now, three years into taking CBD, so below are some answers for you.

Questions and Answers

What products do you take every day?

I take either an Endoca Raw 50mg softgel or an Entourage 50mg Microcap for my pain. I also take an additional 25mgs of an isolate to help with my emotional pain management, and what the product is changes based on my budget. When I have more cash to burn, I prefer the Social CBD 1000mg tincture because I love the peppermint flavor and I appreciate how long the bottle lasts me (40 days). Otherwise I will pick up a bag of the Medterra calm gummies, which are what I buy most often.

What topicals do you use?

Hemplucid CBDA Body CreamI have a CBD topical in literally every bag I own. I keep topicals in my backpack for school, my purse, in my emergency bag in my car (if you live where it snows, you need an emergency bag), in my overnight bag for sleepovers, even my gym/yoga bag has a topical. I switch it up quite often, depending on the weather and how much pain I am in, but one topical that has never left my side is the Endoca Salve. I use the salve on my sore muscles, any cuts I get, my acne, even my cuticles rely on that salve.

Another topical I find it hard to go without is the Green Roads Heat Relief Roll-On, which has saved my neck from the many hours bent over my desk, laptop, whatever project I am working on at the time. A third topical that has quickly worked its way into my routine, despite its expensive price, is the Hemplucid CBDa body cream. I wish this cream was not so expensive because my college student wallet never likes coughing up the cash, but few options, CBD or otherwise, are able to offer relief to some of my deepest pain. Because the cost of the body cream is almost double the cost of the Endoca salve, I save the body cream for when I’m really struggling with my pain or need something stronger than the Endoca Salve for my pain management.

What’s your favorite patch?

Pure Ratios Patch Patches are another weapon in my pain management arsenal that I cannot imagine living without. I just moved into a new house recently and the thought of carrying all of my furniture without a patch on my neck gives me shutters. My favorite patch is easily the Pure Ratios 96 hour patch because I love how much relief it gives me. If you struggle with pain management, you know that when something hurts everything else compensates for that pain. By having 4 days of relief, my body is able to clam down and I can go about my life without the reminder of my pain. However, sometimes I have a hard time with the strong adhesive on the Pure Ratios patches. When I take the patch off I usually have a little residue of the glue on my skin and need to take a shower to get it off. If I don’t want to deal with that hassle, I will grab a Mary’s patch, which offers the same pain relief but only lasts one day.

Now You Know Hannah

Now that you know a little bit more about me and the products I use, you can gain insight into who I am and who we are here at Green Wellness. From softgels to to salves, to patches; Green Wellness has taken a larger place in my life and I am forever grateful. I cannot imagine what my pain management would look like without CBD and without the advice and recommendations of my coworkers. The way I help my body, the way I feel within my body, and how I have reclaimed my joy all have been impacted by Green Wellness for the better, irrevocably.