When it comes to the “old dogs” of the CBD industry, Medterra is one of the best around. Their product line has expanded immensely over the years since starting in 2017. Originally, only carrying isolate products that contained 0 THC, they now have every hemp processing level to best meet your needs. When talking about concerns like stress or anxiety, we direct people towards Medterra for their quality products, limited ingredients, and great price point. They also offer formulated products geared more towards pain and inflammation by including full spectrum CBD oil in some of their options.

If you are curious about how we use Medterra products and which have been our go-to, you should check out our Medterra CBD Review blog. There you can read a review of all of the products that we carried up to this point, to familiarize yourself with the brand before their reformulation of some fan favorites.

In this blog, I am going to go through all of the products that Medterra is discontinuing, what they’re changing, and what is totally new to check out. All of this change can be confusing, especially with packaging changing in conjunction with their CBD formulas, but it doesn’t have to be. Hopefully this way you will be able to find the best product to meet your needs.

Out With The Old

It is always really difficult when you’re favorite product is discontinued, and unfortunately Medterra is getting rid of some of our favorite products. We have done our best to ensure that we carry replacement options. We know that you love their products as much as we do, but we are here to help.

Here is the list of all of the products that Medterra will no longer be producing:



If you are anything like me, I panicked when I saw this list. For years I have found relief with the Keep Calm gummies to help level out my mood and make life a bit more manageable. I know that many of you feel the same about the 25mg softgels. Luckily we work with several vendors, so we have other options.

What You Can Swap

Like I mentioned before, just because you might not be able to buy the above products doesn’t mean you’re stuck. We have comparable products that you can use in lieu of these discontinued Medterra products.



We still have many of the original Medterra products available, so if you want to stock up on your favorites before they’re gone, now is the time. When that inventory is gone, that is the end of that product, but that isn’t the end of your relief. If you have any questions about our recommended swaps, please feel free to reach out to us. You can find us locally at 616-275-1039 or 888-772-7875 toll-free and by email at

What’s Changing?

There are still more changes to some of Medterra’s beloved products. They have perfected and improved upon their gummies, which I have been taking the last month. I used to take the old formula of the Keep Calm gummies to help with my anxiety, but for the last month I have been taking the new formula.

I found that the quality of anxiety relief that I have been accustomed to for the last year did not change much. I still found the same relief, but I found myself enjoying the sugar coated gummy much more. I am used to taking gummies, but I would get genuinely excited tot ake these new gummies as the better flavor feels more like a treat than a vitamin. I also really appreciate the inclusion of ashwaganda that was not previously in the L-theanine gummies.

I also tried the new Focus gummies for a month and found them to be rather energizing. They are not like a cup of coffee or the Lazarus Naturals energy gummies, but I found them to boost my mental state in an invigorating way. They offered a similar stress releif to the Keep Calm gummies, but I did find myself craving more of the calming ashwagandha.

Here is a list of all of the new additives to the new formulation of the CBD gummies:

Check out this image that Medterra made to illustrate their rational behind the formula changes!

In With The New

New formulas, better relief, and Medterra was not messing around with their new product line, including a new fast acting formula for their gummies. They used nano technology to make 2 verisons of their gummies fast acting, the Keep Calm and the Sleep Tight.

If you have never tried a fast acting CBD product before, they are very different from your traditional oil based product. What would normally take up to 2 hours to find effect because of the typical digestion time, only takes 10-15 minutes with these nano products. If you’re really struggling to sleep or particularly anxious, that fast relief can make all the difference in the world.

While we don’t carry these nano gummies yet, we will! So keep an eye out for the newest addition to our Medterra line of products. In the meantime, try the new formulas of the tried and true gummies!

What Do You Think?

It can be hard to form an opinion without trying the new product formulas yourself, but that is why we have a 30-day guarantee on everything. We think you’re going to love Medterra’s changes, but if you don’t, just reach out. We can help you find a better replacement or fit for your CBD needs. If you don’t love your purchase, or you totally do, feel free to reach out and call us at 866-244-4223 or email us at