By Quinton Charles, Op-ed blogger

Who is Mary’s Nutritionals?

As part of our ongoing commitment to bring you information about CBD and other hemp-derived products, I was asked to review Mary’s CBD brand and tell you everything relevant there is to know about them! 

For starters, I can tell you without a shred of doubt that this is one of the most unique CBD brands that I have researched. On my initial visit to their website, I was expecting (and was met with) the typical CBD homepage: crisp, well-taken photos of products, a signup line for an email newsletter, some links to learn about CBD, and a few streamlines to buy popular products. Sidestepping all of this, I went right for their “about” tab. Met with a little corporate-speak, I scroll down. 

Well, this is different. f

A manifesto? For a CBD company? I had seen mission statements galore, goals and feel-good statements, but never a manifesto. The word seemed strong, powerful, even, for a CBD company to use. Then I read it. A handful of sentences, punchy and short. These weren’t the words of a CEO, a satisfied customer, or a quirky hemp farmer. Here, on the web page before me, were words that claimed to be CBD itself. I’ll repost them here because the power of a sentence cannot be expressed with words beyond that sentence.

“I’ve been around since the beginning, and it’s time to set the record straight. For thousands of years, I’ve nurtured humanity. Helping shape consciousness, develop culture, and heal bodies. Your elders and your ancestors all revered me as Healer. They knew the truth.”

It had made an impression on me. I was hooked. Scrolling further, I came to familiar territory: a mission statement, with three goals. 

  1. An alternative to medicine, not alternative medicine
  2. Distilling the wisdom of plants to help people reach the full potential of their bodies, minds, and lives
  3. Maximizing the benefits of natural plant nutrients with clean delivery methods

While it is difficult to judge their success in these, they led me to a page that discussed the science behind Mary’s and how they want to be different from other CBD companies. 

The Science Behind Mary’s Nutritionals Products

Mary’s takes a different approach to CBD products. As one of their main goals is to create products that bring the most CBD to the bloodstream, they focus on transdermal products. What does this mean? Transdermal products are products like lotion, salves, or anything else that is applied to the skin. As Mary’s states on their website: “Research shows that transdermal delivery is the most effective method of delivering cannabis to the body, as it directly enters the bloodstream. When cannabis is smoked or eaten, patients may lose up to 70 percent of it to air vaporization, metabolism, and stomach acid, which is inefficient and makes accurate dosing difficult. Mary’s transdermal products are so effective that the dosing of a standard 10mg patch may be equivalent to that of an 80mg edible.” I was unable to find any sources of research that they mention on their website, but I would be interested in reviewing the science further. I think that these are interesting claims and that Mary’s business certainly operates in a manner consistent with their belief in this science. 

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Products

As I’ve said before, any company is only as good as its product line. Mary’s has espoused transdermal CBD, and, as a result, most of my attention went into researching their much-loved CBD patch.

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Topicals

Mary's Nutritionals CBD PatchesMary’s CBD patch is one of their touted products (see above), so it makes sense that we would offer it to our customers. But what do you need to know about it before you make a purchase? The most important detail (for any product) is going to be the amount of CBD within it. If your body is used to 30mg in a serving and you switch to a product with only 5mg of CBD per serving, you’re only going to be getting ⅙ of the total CBD that your body has been using normally. That’s not gonna work!

So what about this Mary’s patch? Each patch contains 10mg of full-spectrum CBD, which takes from around 8-12 hours to completely dispense into the body when used. The patches are sold individually, so there is the option to use more than one patch at a time if needed. This single-patch sale is also useful if you are not sure how much you need, and want to start with only 10mg; the option always exists to add another patch. These patches can also be cut in half (or even quartered), though doing so may reduce your measuring of milligrams to guesswork. Another convenient detail is that the patches are latex-free and hypoallergenic, so those with latex (or other) allergies need not worry about a reaction to the patch’s material.

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Tinctures

The Remedy CBD Oil TinctureWhile it isn’t as strong as their patch (which, according to Mary’s science, is as strong as they come), we also carry a Mary’s CBD tincture, called “Remedy.” It’s a cinnamon-flavored, full-spectrum CBD oil tincture. Each bottle contains 500mg, with 2mg per 1 measured drop. This is ideal for those who do not need too much CBD, or for those looking to supplement their normal CBD intake with a small, measurable serving that can be scaled up or down depending on need (take a look at our blog dealing with boosters if you are searching for more products with this in mind). 

I wouldn’t recommend it to someone needing a larger supplement of CBD daily, as the relatively small serving size would be depleted quickly. Mary’s stands behind their patch enough to claim its superiority in some cases, so if you are looking for a stronger CBD product, definitely go for the patch and not the tincture. If you are looking for that small, controllable serving, however, go for the tincture!

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD Pet Products

Tails Hemp Extract BalmPets, like people, have an endocannabinoid system. As this system operates just like our own, so does it also benefit from supplementary CBD! We carry two of Mary’s pet products; one of these products is a topical, and the other is a tincture. 

Mary’s Nutritionals CBD pet topical is a hemp extract balm with 75mg of CBD in a 1.1 oz tube. Reasonably sized, it is a great option for any rashes, irritation, or skin issues that your pet may struggle with. One common use that I’ve heard for pet topicals like this is on areas of a pet that recently underwent surgery. The hair in that area is shaved, there may be stitches or scarring, and a little CBD can be helpful. If using the balm for this type of area on a pet, make sure to be careful and gentle in application. Hopefully, your pet will receive as much a benefit as you would from a CBD balm!

Tails Hemp Extract TinctureOur second pet product from Mary’s is a CBD pet tincture, which comes in two sizes:

Both options are bacon flavored, so I hope your furry friend enjoys breakfast! 

In all seriousness, though, these two size options enable a pet owner to gauge the proper amount of CBD required to see results in their pet. Have a larger dog that always seems to need more CBD? The 900mg bottle might be a better fit. Have an adorable little kitty that just needs some help with anxiety? The 300mg bottle might be best. You know the needs of your pets better than we do. 

Thank you for reading!

I truly hope that you enjoyed learning about Mary’s CBD as much as I did. We at Green Wellness Life are always eager to share what we have learned (and are learning each and every day!) with you. As always, feel free to message us on social media, press the live chat button, send us an email, call us at 866-244-4223, or stop by our store if you have any questions, concerns, or are looking to learn more and chat about how CBD could help you!