Social CBD: An Honest Review

Social CBD Review

Quintonby Quinton Charles, Op-ed blogger

Who is Social?

By now, many of our customers are familiar with the products that come in Social CBD’s bright, friendly packaging, and many of our customers even swear by their gummies or tinctures.  Whether you love them or you’ve never heard of them, I’m happy to give a 100% honest review of Social CBD and the products that we carry.

So who is Social CBD? Some may  know Social CBD as Select CBD.  Back in 2019 Select CBD split their brand into two names.  Their Marijuana based products stayed with the name Select  and their hemp based products  were rebranded to their current name Social. This rebrand occurred as Sentia Wellness, the parent company of Social.  The decision was made in order to separate their THC-free products from the rest of their product line. Those THC-free products are the same products we are carrying today that are being sold under the brand of Social CBD.  All of these products are considered either Isolates(Just CBD) or Broad Spectrum(CBD and some of the other cannabinoids but 0 THC).

Social, the company stated fairly early on that:

“when it comes to calling ourselves Social CBD, we believe in sparking a movement around better self-care and greater health and it starts with the right conversations. From education, connection, and making hemp products widely available, we aim to break through the myths and shed light on the truths. We want false narratives around Hemp and misleading or poor quality products to be challenged, we want loved ones to be informed, and so much more.”

Sparking a movement is a tall order, but I certainly think that Social is trying their best to educate people, make hemp products widely available, and bring more information to the often-chaotic world of CBD regulations and sales. While they are far from perfect (and using just one source of information is never recommended), I often find myself reading through their blogs to glean more information about the world of CBD.

Social Products

Here is where Social either sinks or swims. Their products. We offer all sorts of Social CBD products, but I’ll try to keep it simple. What we carry can essentially be broken down to several categories and our feedback!  Enjoy exploring.

Muscle Balm StickTopicals

I’ve used Social topicals to assist with things ranging from sunburns to sore muscles after working out. I haven’t had any problems with the amount of CBD in any of their topical products, and I usually find that I receive near-instant relief when I use them. However, I have a story about my use of one of their muscle balm sticks.

Having spent a weekend outdoors, kayaking and swimming, I was a little sunburnt (a frequent problem of mine). Despite applying sunscreen, the pain came anyway. Not wishing to continue my day with stinging forearms, I grabbed what CBD topical I had in the house: a 400 mg Social Muscle Balm Stick (which was lavender scented). While it did offer the relief that I was hoping for (despite it being a muscle balm, and not aloe), it had one unfortunate problem. My arms were sticky for the Muscle Rubrest of the day. Fortunately, I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt. For me the oily, sticky residue really detracts from the quality of the user experience, but I know others that this does not bother.

Social CBD Foot Renewal CreamThere are also two new Social topicals that Green Wellness has added to its collection. The Social CBD Muscle Rub and the Social CBD Foot Renewal Cream. Although I don’t have any experience with these two products myself, Hannah has used both and she raved about the foot renewal cream. She often gets blisters from hiking and said that the cream kept her feet soft, helped them heal, and helped with discomfort. As for the muscle rub, she has other topicals she would grab before this cooling rub because of the lower milligram count, but otherwise enjoys it and said there was no residue left behind. She has Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and relies on her 750mg Endoca Salve pretty heavily and this muscle rub is only 250 mgs. Both of these new topicals might be a good option for you if you suffer from sore muscles and/or feet.

EdiblesSocial CBD Red Raspberry Gummies

The gummies offered by Social are some of the best gummies that I’ve had (at least, that contain CBD/Broad Spectrum). I say this because I’ve never felt that the taste is off or that they leave an unappealing aftertaste. As for their efficacy and how I feel after eating the recommended amount… it leaves some things to be desired. This might just be my personal metabolism, or how CBD in gummies have rarely been effective when I use them, but I personally find that I cannot justify a purchase of Social gummies when they don’t work well for me. Each gummy is 12.5 mgs and taking 25 mgs of CBD isolate is not a strong enough serving size for me. Each gummy is about one dollar and when compared to taking a capsule that offers 33 mgs milligrams of CBD for the same cost, I would personally reach for the Social capsules. However, if you’re able to experience relief at a lower serving size, these are a delicious gummy option.

Social CBD Boost Gel CapsulesCapsules

Personally, I think that capsules are one of two areas where Social really shines (the other being tinctures). I’ve never had any complaints with the amount of CBD per capsule, the price, or the quantity. For a little while, a Social capsule was part of my daily supplements. Each morning, I would have breakfast followed by a multivitamin, a Social capsule, and a sudoku puzzle (which is like a supplement for your mind). Packing 1000 mg per bottle/33.3 mg per soft gel is enough CBD for me, and I also like that they offer different capsules for different functions. Boost, Recover, and Rest are the three offered. Boost is what I would use in the morning to give me a little bit more energy throughout the day, but I also have used Rest Capsules and found that I slept better with them, than without them.

Social CBD Peppermint DropTinctures

I had mentioned that Social capsules had been a part of my daily supplements. So what replaced it? A Social tincture. It offers the same amount of CBD per bottle as the capsules, but with the added option of being able to control how much CBD you have. No longer confined to a set serving size of 1 pill, you can take as little or as much as you need. This is the primary reason that I switched over. I knew that I liked their capsules, and that they were reliable for me, and I wanted more control over how much CBD that I was consuming. Flavors are pretty standard, nothing fancy here. The flavor isn’t the reason that I’m drawn to Social; I continue to use them because they have reliably worked for me.


Social PETS Peanut ButterWhen it comes to finding high strength and quality CBD products for larger pets, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a tincture that competes with the Social Hemp Oil for Pets. Cara has two very large dogs, that need many more milligrams of CBD than Hannah’s cat, and if using the wrong product that can mean adding a lot oil to a dog’s diet. Hannah and I have watched Cara’s dogs while away on vacation and if Hannah were to give Cara’s dogs the same pet product that she gives her cat, each dog would need 4 to 5 droppers of oil. What I like most about these tinctures is how highly concentrated they are. Each bottle has 750 mgs of CBD so if you have a big furry friend there are 25 mgs of CBD per dropper and you don’t have to add an excess of oil to their diet. There are also 3 different flavors so if you have a picky eater you can choose between unflavored, peanut butter (I tried this tincture and it is actually quite delicious if you’re a peanut butter fan), and bacon.


VapesSocial CBD Disposable Lemon Flavor

Vaping tends to be a controversial topic, but I’m not alone in enjoying  an occasionally vape. Either when feeling anxious or nauseous, I try to use a CBD vape of some kind.  I always avoid any nicotine. I’ve used many different CBD vapes and I would definitely rank Social’s E-liquid pen in the top three that I’ve used. It’s easy to use, pocket sized, disposable, and offers a little CBD for a boost here and there during the day. The only problem that I really see with these is vapes the disposability. It is convenient to be able to have a vape that can be used and then discarded, but the battery life isn’t great. If you’re not using it new (or misplace it, only to find it much later), you’re unlikely to use all of the CBD before the battery dies. While it isn’t the most expensive vape that I’ve seen, the fact that it can’t be recharged (thus running the risk of me not being able to access all of the CBD that I paid for) is a real downside for me. Otherwise, this is a really great way to get a fast CBD boost and one of my go to CBD vapes.

Be Social

All of Social’s products are THC-free, which means no worrying about a random drug-test from an employer, no fretting over THC in your body. It’s just the CBD that you want. This, to me, is a relief.  At Green Wellness Life We all use different Social products in the office, and have a lot of exposure to their product line . We wouldn’t choose to carry anything that we don’t think is helpful or worth purchasing. I can’t cover everything in these blogs; but if you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us at our store, our email, or our social media profiles. We love helping you find the best product for your lifestyle, and would love to chat about the benefits of Social and CBD in general!

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