Hemp Industry Springs Forward this April

Spring is known as a time of growth and change, and we’ve seen that reflected in some dynamic progress in the U.S. hemp industry this April. 

Senate Bill 2667: The Hemp Farming Act of 2108

The Hemp Farming Act of 2018, introduced in the United States Senate earlier this month, is actually quite a simple bill, but it would do so much for the industry. As we’ve discussed in the past, the legal complexities surround hemp and CBD are ever-changing, especially as states navigate their own laws around and within federal regulations. At Green Wellness Life, all of our products are federally legal because they are sourced in a very specific way, so you can have confidence in the products you’re using and consuming. However, this legal quagmire has greatly limited the ability for our national economy to see a widespread benefit from hemp cultivation.

Senate Bill 2667, if it becomes law, would remove industrial hemp from the controlled substances list entirely. Rather than strictly limiting the sourcing of hemp, commercial cultivation of the crop would be a possibility for farmers all throughout the United States. The bipartisan support for this bill is especially exciting, suggesting that hemp’s benefits for individual health and national economic opportunities are recognized across the spectrum of political ideologies.

FDA Advisory Committee Approval of Epidiolex

This April, an FDA committee unanimously recommended approval of the very first CBD product for the treatment of epilepsy. The new drug, Epidiolex, was produced by a British company called GW Pharmaceuticals, but would be available for prescription in the United States after FDA approval. If passed, The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 would allow more American companies to similarly produce and research high-quality hemp and CBD products, further expanding our knowledge of its many benefits and uses. 

Needless to say it’s an exciting time to be at the forefront of this movement! If you’re as passionate as we are about hemp and its benefits for our economy, environment and health, reach out to your federal legislators. Every voice counts – make yours heard.

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