Hemp in the Winter

Almost December!

Depending on where you live in the U.S., it may or may not feel like winter. But one thing is certain: December is almost here, and we are entering that time of year when the days are shorter, colder, and all we want to do is stay in bed. I know, because I’m already feeling this way and it’s only November.

If the short, cold days weren’t reason enough to be glum, there is the air: dry and desiccating. It’s the time of year that lotion, lip balm, and other moisturizers become necessities. Need some help figuring out how hemp can make this winter a breeze (a warm one, we promise)? Look no further!

Whether it is mood stabilization, moisturizing, or a boost in energy levels, hemp can help you out this winter and I’m going to discuss how. Let’s dive in.

Keep that skin soft!

No one wants alligator skin (not even gators!). I know that I struggle with my skin drying out in the winter months, and I’ve found that lotions help. However, not all lotions are equal (and there are some that I swear by); some lotions work miracles, while others just feel slimy.

But why is some sort of moisturizer necessary? Great question. When winter comes along, humidity in the air drops (unless you live in a naturally dry region, in which the humidity is always low). Your skin, which normally relies on some water in the air to remain hydrated, loses that moisture to the air around it. This loss of moisture to the atmosphere is bad enough on its own, but can be coupled with dry skin that is the result of aging or excessive usage of soap.

So, what are some ways of combating this dryness? It may seem an uphill battle (and, in some ways, it is), but you can prevail! All it will take is some understanding of what products are designed to solve these issues and how CBD can help.

So what does CBD do for dry itchy skin?

CBD helps to decrease inflation, as I talked about in a previous blog, but it also helps to keep the skin hydrated when used in topical form. “One reason CBD-infused skincare is more effective is because hemp molecules are extremely small, making the penetration into the skin far easier than most creams,” according to Dr. Andrew Kerklaan, president and founder of Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics[1].

I personally find that lotions, such as those from Empower and Abinoid, are the best for keeping my skin moisturized during the dry seasons (where I live, that’s all year). Not only do they help in keeping my skin from becoming too dry, but they also aid in combating that dreaded winter itch. I know I’m not the only one who notices that I have itchier skin in the winter. Luckily, CBD has been a great way to stop my not so welcome scratching habit. The restorative properties of CBD topicals I’ve found assist with the dryness, but the ability to reduce inflammation helps alleviate my itchiness.

Feeling moody?

Don’t worry. Seasonal depression gets all of us at some point. As the days grow shorter and darker, it gets harder to get your necessary sunshine (and how is someone supposed to be sunny without any sunshine?!). What are you supposed to do when the sun isn’t out, and your mood won’t improve? I’ve found that CBD helps.

And it isn’t just me that thinks so. I’ve heard countless other anecdotes about how CBD has helped people to balance their mood, and there is some research indicating that it can, indeed, help. Authors of a review from 2018 also noted that many studies have shown the anti-stress and antidepressant activity of CBD in animal models. The compound exhibits a clear anti-stress effect after short- or long-term use. In certain tests, CBD acted as an antidepressant[2].

These findings aren’t conclusive, and I’m not a doctor, so I can’t give medical advice, but I can inform you about what has worked for me and what research has currently been done.

Running on empty…

Another common problem that I’ve noticed occurring in the wintertime is a lack of energy. You wake up, feel good, eat some breakfast, and by noon, you’re too tired to do anything else. Caffeine might help, but it’s likely that you’ll crash later if you take that option. What else is there? Naps? I’m sure that we all wish we could take a midday nap, but, sadly, the workplace won’t allow it.

How about CBD?

That could work. Several types of research based on CBD showed that cannabinoid chemicals boost energy levels by strengthening individual body cells. CBD oil helps in regulating the normal energy by promoting wakefulness and ensuring that the body cells are in good condition throughout the day[3].

I’ve talked a little bit about how CBD has helped me and other people balance energy levels throughout the day in previous blogs, but I just wanted to reiterate it again here. I use CBD every morning to help me stay energized throughout the day. I particularly enjoy Social CBD’s Boost capsules. Some people might know them under their old name of Select CBD, but they recently underwent a name change. Either way, I find that these capsules are great for helping me remain energized throughout the day.

Get ready for winter!

No matter what problems you face during the winter, chances are that CBD can help to solve them! Whether you face dry skin, mood swings, or energy depletion, you can take solace in knowing that many other people with similar difficulties have found what they were looking for in CBD. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to catch up and chat, feel free to call us, message us, or email us!

Once again, thanks from us at Green Wellness!


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By Op-Ed Blogger Quinton Charles

Posted November 22nd


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