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QuintonBy Quinton Charles, Op-ed Blogger

Hemp Products

Hemp is amazing.

I am regularly surprised with a new use for this plant, whether that is in a new pharmaceutical drug, clothing, disinfectants, or topicals. Take a minute to think of what you know of hemp. Got it?

Was clothing a part of that list? What about candles? And bags? At Green Wellness, we love our CBD tinctures, capsules, and topicals, but we also realize the potential that other hemp products have to improve our lives while helping the planet (hemp is a great renewable resource).

So what are these other products that we carry? Hoping to help you choose the best option for your needs, we have decided to each review a different hemp product of ours. Think of us as a friend, recommending products that we personally use from day-to-day. We carry more hemp accessories than what is reviewed, but these are the products we had something to say about.

Hemp T-Shirts

Brandy, the owner of Green Wellness, can often be seen rocking a hemp shirt so it was only natural to ask her to give her thoughts on the hemp shirts that we carry. Here are her thoughts:

I like to think of myself as a solid “6” on a scale of fashionability. I wear quirky shirts with animals on them far too regularly to rate any higher than that. Speaking as that solid 6, I can tell you that it doesn’t get much better for comfort and a measure of attractiveness than a hemp t-shirt.

In addition to being great for the inside of your body, hemp can make you much more comfortable on the outside. First, it’s temperature regulating. Hemp will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. My husband didn’t believe this fact until he started wearing our GWL shirt to the gym (a little self promotion never hurt anyone). He found a marked difference in his body temperature – the hemp shirt kept him much cooler than the lightweight tanks actually intended for the gym. Hemp is also anti-microbial, keeping you a bit less stinky. Those of us who are constantly in transition from one natural deodorant to another appreciate this fact. Last, the hemp fiber will get softer with continual wash and wear. It truly does get better with age.

We offer hemp tees in both a unisex and women’s cut. They come with a variety of quotes if you’d like to be a voice of positivity (which all of us need right now!) You can also get one with the GWL logo if you’re up for aiding our self-promotion. Give one a try – you’ll love it!

Our Hemp Hats

Trucker HatQuinton, one of our awesome bloggers, was asked to review our hemp-based hats. Here is what he had to say:

It only makes sense that I would be asked to review hemp hats that we carry. I’ve worn the same hemp hat for close to 3 years now. This hat has been with me through California, Michigan, New York, a roadtrip across the United States, three National Parks, and has been covered with dust, dirt, sand, and Caesar dressing (oops!) at one time or another. Through all of this, the hat has proved its durability and value. I can’t think of too many hats that I own that could go through what my hemp hat has and still look new after a quick wash.

And I’m not just happy with the quality; It feels nice to wear. The hemp breathes well, so my head never feels too hot or too cold, which is perfect for all the different weather I’ve worn it in. In addition to this breathing, it dries off quick. You’ll never have to worry about rain or swimming with it; once it gets wet, just shake it off and wait a little bit. I found that my hat dried off faster than I had anticipated each time.

Whether you want a hat for daily wear, or just something to keep the sun out of your eyes at the beach, I highly recommend getting a hat made of hemp. The material is strong, resistant to water, and looks good, too. And if hats aren’t your style, maybe someone else in your life deserves a new hat as a surprise gift.

Hemp Candles

Hempy's Patchouli Orange BlossomPeople rarely think of hemp and candles as the types of things that would go together, yet we sell them! Hannah, one of our lovely office staff, took some time out of her busy week to talk about her use of our hemp candles:

I know I’m not the only one who likes to light a candle at the end of a very long day. The Hempy’s candles are a staple in my apartment. We have a few different scents: Rain Water, Patchouli Orange Blossom (my favorite), and Egyptian Amber & Sandalwood. Each candle is 4oz and at first glance I thought that they were small candles, but I can get several days of several hours of lit candle heaven. These candles have a longevity of 20-25 hours of burntime and the wicks are made of hemp and are sturdy and made free from chemicals. I have gone through probably close to 10 candles since I was hired at Green Wellness and I have yet to have a candle burn unevenly or have a wick break–an annoyance I run into with some of my other candles.

Hemp Sling Bag

Hemp Sling BagCara can almost always be seen with her hemp bag slung over her shoulder and she had a lot to say about hemp bags. Here are her thoughts:

The Hemp Sling Bag is one of my favorite accessories! I love hemp clothing and bags because they are incredibly durable, hold up to lots of wear and tear, and do not show dirt or grime. I also like that they are stylish as well. I always get compliments when I wear it, they are easy to wash and clean up very well. This particular bag I love for everyday wear. I use mine when travelling either on a plane, car or on bus trips (field trips with kids). The bag is comfortable and easy to carry with a convenient over the shoulder strap. On the front of the shoulder strap the bag has a cell phone so it is great for convenient picture taking or ease of cell phone use when travelling. It has two main zipper compartments with one featuring three inside compartments, which is great for all the extra travel necessities. I also use mine for an everyday purse from time to time because of its convenience and comfort. I also appreciate the key clip as I am sure those who know me will tell you I am always misplacing my keys. Being able to clip my keys to my bag has become a convenience I now look for in other bags and I love that I no longer lose them at the bottom of the bag. The Adjustable shoulder strap measures 15″x11″x5.5″. I own this bag in the oatmeal color and have also given it as gifts to family members. It is one of my go-to’s! Check them out, we also carry an over the shoulder small bag for those who are looking for the same type of convenience, comfort and quality but in a smaller bag. I own one of these as well. I love the terracotta color!

Your Turn!

From what you just read, hopefully you have a better idea how some of our hemp products can be incorporated into your life. Whether it be a stylish and breathable hemp shirt or a durable hemp bag, now you know our thoughts. We always appreciate hearing yours, especially for the products that we didn’t highlight in this review. Does your dog like the hemp collar? Do you play Hacky Sack? How does hemp appear in your life? We are always learning about hemp and its various uses and we hope that you learn and grow with us!