What Are Some Of Our Favorite Pet Products?

Too Many Furry Friends?

Between the three women in the office, we have 7 cats, 5 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, 1 bearded dragon and 1 fish.  There used to be 2 fish, but we had a sad sad day last month at the Palmer house. RIP, Princess. So, I guess you could say we love pets.  We know that mammals all share the same endocannabinoid system, and we hear awesome stories every week about CBD helping those furry family members. Let’s dive into some of our favorites for a pet product review this week:

Brandy’s Favorite Pet Products

My dog Lilly, a forever-young 6-year-old labradoodle, has always maintained her puppy-like energy and occasional short attention span. As a true pup, she struggled with severe separation anxiety, showing destructive behavior when left alone and even injuring herself trying to escape her crate. Concerned for her well-being, I introduced her to daily Hemplucid Drops for Pets, and within a week, we noticed improvements. After nine months of consistent use, I unintentionally ran out of CBD and observed that her anxiety behaviors didn’t resurface, suggesting she had overcome the habit.

However, when our family moved to a new home last summer, Lilly’s anxiety spiked again after the initial adjustment period. With daily CBD reinstated, this time opting for a higher strength option suitable for her size and activity level, she responded positively. Splitting her dosage between morning and evening, she eagerly enjoys the beef-flavored Medterra isolate tincture, which she happily takes with her food. Despite the improved taste and routine, occasional breakthrough behaviors prompted further adjustments in her CBD regimen.

Cara’s Favorite Pet Products

My pets make me smile and laugh every day no matter what the circumstances.  They mean a lot to me, and because of this, I make sure I take good care of them.  One of the ways I do this is through regular CBD. All of my pets get CBD for varying reasons.  I have tried many different products. I love my Medterra CBD Oil but Brandy stole it. No worries, though, there are a couple of other go-to pet products at my house as well.

We are pretty regular animal rescuers at my house – which is how we ended up with a total of 7 furry family members. One of these beautiful beasts is new to our pack. Luna is a Great White Pyrenees who came to us a mess from a bad backyard breeding situation.  She has had considerable skin issues and we have been trying just about everything. One of the products I have been using to soothe her itchy skin is our Charlotte’s Web Skin & Allergy support. It has been helping to reduce the inflammation and to aid in her discomfort and scratching. We think her issues are food allergy-related at this point.

Another popular pick in our house is the Medterra Calming Chews.  We have another rescue named Rizzo. He is a pit bull mix from an abusive background and he is so anxious.  The poor guy needs puppy Xanax for his neuroses. Because we are committed to natural solutions, he gets CBD pet treats instead.  He takes daily CBD but when we have visitors, Rizzo gets an additional treat. We have found this product to be easy and convenient and he likes them.  We love Medterra and our home is never without them. Even my picky girl Molly likes them. She is a princess!

Hannah’s Favorite Pet Products

I grew up surrounded by pets, but after moving out, I felt a distinct absence of a cat in my life. Last summer, I adopted Juno, a kitten who quickly became the center of my world. When tasked with reviewing pet products, I initially worried about Juno’s young age—she’s just over 3 months old. However, after researching, I found no evidence that CBD would hinder her development if her endocannabinoid system is mature. While there are fewer CBD options for cats compared to dogs, it’s essential to consider that cats are strict carnivores and may struggle with digesting common base oils like MCT oil found in many CBD tinctures. I opted for Medterra cat treats, giving Juno half a treat (10mg CBD per treat) each morning. Within about 10 days, I noticed significant changes.

Initially, Juno’s sneezing, which occurred several times daily due to allergies, drastically reduced after starting CBD. While I miss the adorable sneezes, her improved comfort is a win. The most noticeable change has been in Juno’s overall demeanor. Though she’s still playful, she seems less on edge. Previously, she’d get startled easily by routine movements, even falling off the couch once. Now, she appears more relaxed and can enjoy her kitten antics without constant anxiety. While Juno doesn’t suffer from severe issues like anxiety or arthritis, CBD has notably enhanced her quality of life. If a small treat each morning can continue to improve her well-being, I’ll gladly do it for as long as she’s with me.

Your Turn!

Now that you know all about our furry friends and how we incorporate CBD into their lives, it’s your turn to see what CBD addition you want to add to your critter’s routine. Also, don’t miss out on our spooky trick or Treatibles giveaway with pet purchases next week. Please feel free to email us videos with you and your pets enjoying CBD as much as our furry friends do!


Posted October 18th, 2019

by the GWL Team


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