Wyld CBD Gummies Review

Wyld CBD Gummies Review

If you’re reading this article, you have probably seen or heard about CBD and likely have some interest. Welcome!  Our online store now offers a once-niche product, making it accessible beyond specialty stores. Most online CBD stores carry one brand – their own.  Here at Green Wellness Life, we are intentional about not carrying or marketing our own brand.  We believe that no one line can be all things to all people.  Different CBD brands have specialties and we work to find the best and the safest options that can potentially be your best fit. 

Now hemp is legal in the United States and CBD is so common, there are tons of CBD companies operating throughout the country. While the ready availability of CBD is great for anyone interested in natural wellness, having so many brands to choose from can make it hard to know which one is right for you.

At the time of this writing, we carry 24 different CBD brands.  Some of these, like Charlotte’s Web, specialize in whole plant solutions for inflammation and chronic discomfort.  Others, like Social CBD, offer 0 THC tinctures that can be a big help for mood. Wyld CBD lives in the middle of those two, focusing on broad spectrum CBD in one delicious form – the gummy.  Spoiler alert – this narrow focus allows them to be excellent at what they do, making Wyld gummies a favorite for staff and customers.

Wyld CBD Company Overview

When Aaron Morris co-founded Wyld in 2015, he initially struggled with cooking despite his passion for cannabis. In an atypical turn of events, Wyld, with its focus on creating delicious CBD-infused gummies, managed to defy the conventional notion. While traditional wisdom suggests that exceptional products stem from skilled craftsmanship, Wyld’s success showcases a different narrative. Despite initial challenges, Morris eventually perfected the recipe, leading Wyld to be recognized as America’s leading edibles company by Forbes magazine. With 450 employees, including food scientists, and headquartered in Oregon, Wyld distributes its THC gummies in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon. Moreover, their hemp gummies, available at Green Wellness, are legal to sell and ship across all 50 states. Each gummy undergoes rigorous lab testing to ensure potency and safety before leaving the facility.

Their team of food scientists work to ensure that they adhere to strict quality standards. They reference a “passion for greatness” as their only secret ingredient.  As far as secret ingredients go, it’s a solid one.  In addition to being passionate about cannabis, Wyld is passionate about our environment.  They are a certified carbon neutral company. They measure, reduce, and offset greenhouse gas emissions produced by their operations and have transitioned all Wyld facilities to 100% renewable energy.

Why Broad Spectrum CBD? 

There are three processing levels for CBD. Full spectrum, Broad spectrum, and Isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD products contain all of the naturally-occurring compounds found in the hemp plant. Full-spectrum is as close as you can get to the whole plant.

A full-spectrum CBD product will contain all the cannabinoids that naturally occur in the hemp plant, including up to .03% THC. This trace amount of THC isn’t enough to make you high, however, if you are concerned about consuming any THC, then you may want to choose a THC-free CBD product instead, like broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate.

Broad-spectrum CBD is exactly the same as full-spectrum CBD, with one important difference: all of the THC has been removed. This means that you may still get the benefits of the entourage effect and all of the other compounds found in hemp – without any risk of feeling stoned or failing a drug test. That’s what makes them a popular choice for companies like Wyld.  They’re able to keep the maximum amount of benefit in their product with minimal risk to their consumers.

Finally, CBD isolates contain only pure CBD extract. There are no other cannabinoids, terpenes or flavonoids in an isolate CBD product.

The choice between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate is largely one of personal preference. If you’d like to learn more, you can do that with our buyers guide.

Are CBD Gummies Right for You?  

CBD gummies are the most popular edibles that we carry.  If you’re someone with a sweet tooth, you may find them to be a good fit.  Measuring serving sizes couldn’t be easier.  In our experience, must people find benefit between 15-50mg of CBD daily.  Wyld CBD gummies fall right in the “sweet spot” (see what we did there?) at 25mg. Most people find benefit with one gummy daily, but we do have customers that take two.

Wyld CBD Gummies 

Wyld CBD gummies are vegan, using pectin over gelatin.  Pectin gummies are also less likely to melt on warm days.  Their first ingredient is always real fruit. All gummies are standardized in their CBD content.

The Buzz About Minor Cannabinoids

CBD and THC are the two cannabinoids that we know the most about.  That’s due to the fact that they occur in the highest quantities in both hemp and marijuana plants.  There are actually as many as 113 unique cannabinoids (compounds) found in the hemp plant. We are learning more about them every day.  Two of these are a focus at Wyld CBD – CBG and CBN.

CBG, or cannabigerol, delivers restorative and rejuvenating effects, gaining popularity among those seeking these benefits. However, further research is essential to fully grasp the potential of this compound.  CBGA, the precursor to CBG, is also exciting. It’s considered a “mother” cannabinoid that can convert into other cannabinoids with heat and time.

CBN, cannabinol, is actually that compound that CBD can break down into over time.  While CBD will not usually make you sleepy, CBN will.  We’re seeing an increase in popularity for people looking for relaxation and sleep benefits.

Sure, But How Do They Taste? 

In a word, fantastic. Delicious would also work – as would yummy.  These gummies are curated for an adult palate.  They are very fruit forward and don’t have any artificial sweetener taste. Each gummy is a flat rectangle that’s easy to consume in one bite.  No sugar coated bears here.  The pectin gives them a texture that’s not as soft as a gummy bear – think more of a fruit leather texture.  Perfect for those who can’t manage anything “squishy,” Wyld CBD gummies are an ideal match. With only 10 calories and 2mg of sugar per gummy, they potentially align with most nutritional plans.

Try Wyld CBD Today by Shopping Green Wellness Life

There are so many CBD products on the market that it can be hard to know which one is right for you. If you are interested in CBD and you think that a gummy may be your best fit, Wyld CBD may be a great option for you. All of their products are made with hemp grown in the United States, with the CBD extracted using a clean, safe method to ensure that you don’t get any impurities in your finished product.  Gummies offer a consistent serving in an easy to snack on package. 

Green Wellness Life only sells products that we have personally tried and believe are safe and effective. We want our customers to be informed about CBD when making a purchase, which is why we offer the latest research on CBD as well as our own experience with the products that we offer. Although we aren’t doctors – and cannot diagnose or treat any medical condition – we can help you find a product that fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

If you are ready to jump into the world of CBD, we are here to help guide you. Our Beginner’s Guide to CBD is an excellent starting point.  Would you rather talk to a real human? We can do that. Give us a call locally at 866-244-4223, or send over an email to us at As a three women operation, we always guarantee personal service.   We’d love to help you!

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