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Everybody Knows About Bad Customer Service.

No one hates being left on hold more than me. I think that we can unanimously agree that being left on hold for 15 minutes only to be transferred and then placed on hold again is beyond annoying. In today’s increasingly electronic era, the charm of customer service has begun to fade under the blue light of our screens. Rarely do you see a company where you know the names of all of the employees.  This is one of the things that makes us at Green Wellness Life unique!

Did you know that according to Ameyo, it is projected that by 2020, 85% of customer service interactions will be automated. With customer service expectations rising and the number of actual people answering consumers’ calls decreasing, it isn’t difficult to understand why customer service is a hot topic of conversation. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE seems to have a story about poor customer service.

My Experience As The New Girl

I am a fairly new employee here at Green Wellness Life.  Here in the office there are only three people who work, Brandy, Cara and myself. Often, when I answer the phone many customers will ask for Brandy or Cara.  As a new employee, customers want nothing to do with the new girl. They want to deal with someone they know and who knows them.  (And a great big thank you to those of you that have taken the time to chat with me!)  We have found that people appreciate the time and energy we spend with each of our customers.  Do you have a question about CBD? Call us! We are always happy to help. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll tell you that, too.  Even when it means we may not sell you something, because that is what is best for the customer!

We Guarantee Our Products

At GWL, there are only three phones, three headsets, and three dedicated people who guarantee all of our products to ensure a happy customer experience. Guaranteeing all of our products, gives us an opportunity to really find the best fit for each customer. If something doesn’t work well for you we try to find something that will.  If there is an issue with a product or order we work hard to resolve the issue quickly. If no solution is found we are always happy to refund. We do not believe trying CBD should end in a one time endeavor that you write off as a failed experiment. It is important to us that you are able to experience the benefits of CBD! We believe in what we do and the products we carry!

We Offer Variety

Often people do not realize that at GWL, we do not manufacture any products. Our only loyalty is to our customers.  We believe in carrying and selling the products that best help our customers. That is why we do not carry every product from every manufacturer. We closely look over all the independent testing and Certificates of authenticity on every product we carry and on every batch.  We are also committed to researching every company and product we carry. We personally try all of the products that we carry and some of our customers have even been our guinea pigs before we even considering carrying a product. We want to know the product works and that it is made with quality.

We Really Do Care

I have watched Brandy and Cara go above and beyond with customer after customer.  Normally if you are looking to take CBD, there is a reason why. Brandy and Cara truly care about the reasons. There is a level of empathy in every exchange with customers that gives you a “mom and pop” feel. All you have to do to put my words to the test is look at our Trustpilot reviews. Most of our reviews are very positive!  We check our reviews daily and respond to any complaints received quickly in order to try and resolve the conflict. Voicemails are checked daily, emails go directly to our phones so we are constantly responding, and social media is checked almost hourly. Each one of us prides ourselves on our availability to any and all customers.

Cost Effective

Because of that outreach, we also understand how expensive quality CBD is, and Brandy, in an attempt to help with that sticker shock, created a rewards program to give a rolling 10% off. Each dollar spent is rewarded as a point that you can use to either get a discount on your order or you can save those points to actually receive free products.

Speaking of free products, there are also a lot of giveaways that we offer throughout the course of the year. Whether you take advantage of a giveaway at a trade shows that we attend or a fun freebie through our newsletter, there are a plethora of ways to receive a free bonus for doing business with Green Wellness Life. I always joke that there is a coupon code everywhere that you look. There’s a coupon code for going to our Instagram, for referring a friend, for your first order, for calling us on the phone. There are so many coupon codes that I had to type them all out and tape them next to my computer screen so that I could remember them all.

What We Are Most Passionate About

Our customer service at Green Wellness Life is something that we care deeply about. It isn’t just something that we do to look good and get referrals, it is something we are passionate about. We believe it is a privilege to connect with so many of you.  So many different stories and situations that have lead you to our website and our business. We truly believe it is a privilege to be on this journey with you! We love to try and help in any way we can. The stories that we hear after connecting one on one with a customer are what drives this office and separates us from the rest.  So when we talk about customer service we really are talking about caring for our customers as if they were our own family! Thank you for being a part of it all.

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