Celebrities & CBD

Celebrities & CBD:

Lets talk about Celebrities using CBD for every day issues, pains, sleep disorders and so much more!!!


Topics Covered

  1. Evolution of Product Marketing
    • Historical overview of selling strategies
    • Transition from traditional to modern advertising platforms
  2. The Influence of Celebrities
    • Impact of celebrities on consumer behavior
    • Social media’s role in enhancing celebrity influence
  3. Celebrity Endorsements in Today’s Marketplace
    • Diverse range of celebrities endorsing products
    • Influence of authenticity on celebrity endorsements
  4. CBD Market Growth and Celebrity Involvement
    • Overview of the booming CBD market
    • Expected growth and opportunities for celebrities in the CBD industry
  5. Celebrities as CBD Advocates
    • Examples of celebrities advocating for CBD
    • Insights into their motivations and beliefs regarding cannabis

Celebrity Owned Cannabis Companies

  • Tyson Ranch CBD: Targeting Sports Enthusiasts
    • Founded by Mike Tyson in 2017
    • Packaging and licensing company
    • Target audience: sports enthusiasts and young, male demographic
  • Liquid 2 Ventures: Diverse Cannabis Investment
    • Managed by Joe Montana
    • Venture capital firm based in San Francisco
    • Support for various cannabis companies and non-traditional ventures
  • Seth Rogan’s Houseplant: Redefining Cannabis Culture
    • Transitioning the industry to a “mom and pop” friendly vibe
    • Delivering marijuana in select California areas
    • Focus on accessibility and consumer experience
  • Martha Stewart CBD: A Touch of Elegance
    • Collaboration with Canopy Growth
    • Nationwide shipping available
    • Product line includes softgels, liquids, topicals, gummies, and pet products
  • Kristen Bell’s Happy Dance: CBD Skincare Innovation
    • Introduction of CBD skincare line
    • Hands-on involvement in sourcing and formulation
    • Partnership with a not-for-profit organization for manufacturing process

This list of celebrities in the market is far from complete – there are many more interested in  a piece of the cannabis pie: 

  • Carlos Santana
  • Nicole Kidman
  • DJ Khaled
  • Jay-Z

Bad Apples

With every household name expressing interest in CBD and cannabis, there’s another being associated as a supporter without their consent. Usually that comes in the form of a fake celebrity endorsement.  Tom Hanks, Dr. Oz, Blake Shelton, and Clint Eastwood have all called out companies using their names without consent.  Eastwood even filed a federal lawsuit. Here at GWL, we have gotten many, many calls from customers asking for the “Blake Shelton” oil or the “Dr Oz” softgels.  They don’t exist, friends.

What Should You Buy? 

Celebrities sharing our passion for the cannabis world is awesome. Some of them make great products, but that alone isn’t a reason to buy. We believe in finding what’s best for you, with lab-tested assurance for proper labeling and effectiveness. Whether it’s Martha Stewart’s gummy or not, there’s no one-size-fits-all. At Green Wellness Life, our CBD experts navigate this journey with you. Feel free to reach out to us via toll-free call, email, or live chat—we’re here to assist you every step of the way. While we don’t boast a celebrity spokesperson, we do have some adorable kids and pets ready to brighten your day.


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