CBD Celebrities

People have been working to sell products, well, as long as they’ve been making them. From bakers on the streets touting that their loaves were the lightest and the freshest, to the 20-30 emails in your inbox right now offering you the latest deals, the art of getting you and I to buy products is a big business!  It began in the 1800s, and has developed in all sorts of ways from word of mouth to print to radio to television and internet. In order to watch a cute cat video on YouTube or scroll through your Facebook feed, you’ll have to watch an ad. In today’s global marketplace there is more competition to sell products than ever before. Enter, the celebrity celebrity. 

As consumers, we have all kinds of experiences with celebrities – some good and some bad. Thanks to social media channels, we know that Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t eat bread. And Michael J Fox has a dog named Gus. The more we know about these people, the more we feel like we connect with them. That definitely makes celebrities more valuable in terms of advertising dollars. Add to that, the new influx of “minor” celebrities.  Reality TV Contestants, You Tubers, Tik Tok dancers – you name it, they can sell it. Even more so if we believe that they are vested in what they are selling. 

What does this have to do with CBD? In 2020, the global market for CBD was just over $429 million.  It’s expected to be 5x that by 2026. That’s a lot of reasons for celebrities to get involved in this market, both as paid spokespeople and as CBD entrepreneurs. Some celebrities, like Jim Belushi, have spoken out on their belief in cannabis as a healing tool.  Belushi stated that his mission in the industry is “to break even – because the purpose, the power of this plant, serves the greater good.” Belushi is hardly the only one. 

Celebrity Owned Cannabis Companies

This list of celebrities in the market is far from complete – there are many more interested in  a piece of the cannabis pie: 

Bad Apples

For every household name that is interested in CBD and cannabis, there’s another that’s being called out as a supporter without their approval. Usually that comes in the form of a fake celebrity endorsement.  Tom Hanks, Dr. Oz, Blake Shelton, and Clint Eastwood have all called out companies using their names without consent.  Eastwood even filed a federal lawsuit. Here at GWL, we have gotten many, many calls from customers asking for the “Blake Shelton” oil or the “Dr Oz” softgels.  They don’t exist, friends.

What Should You Buy? 

We love that there are celebrities out there as passionate about the cannabis world as we are.  Do they make great products? Sure, some of them do.  Is that a reason to buy them? Not so much. We want you to buy the product that’s best for you, with lab results to assure you that they are properly labeled and effective. Maybe that product is a delicious gummy from Martha Stewart and maybe it’s not.  If we’ve learned one thing about this field, it’s that there is no one size fits all.  The CBD experts at Green Wellness Life are happy to help you on this sometimes confusing and overwhelming journey.  Just reach out to us! You can call us toll free at 866-244-4223, email us at support@greenwellnesslife.com,or press the live chat button.  We’re here to help – even though we don’t have a celebrity spokesperson! We do have some pretty cute kids and pets, though. Those always help!