New CBD Summer Skin And Hair Care

CBD Summer Skin and Hair Care

I am born and raised in Michigan and being a “Michigander” has put me in an interesting category of humans on this earth.  I drive too fast in a snow storm.  I do use my hand as a map to show others where I live.  I like my swimming water unsalted.  I drink Vernors and “pop” instead of soda, and when the sun shines I am outside without a second thought about the effects of it on my skin or hair!  Sunshine is amazing and on average we get 170 days of sunshine a year in Michigan.  That means more than half of our days in the year are gray and overcast, so you can imagine that we get carried away with the sun sometimes and regret it later.  But don’t worry,  I have tried many things in our store that can really benefit skin and haircare during sunny months.  Here are a few of my favorites.

My Favorite CBD Products For Dry & Brittle Hair

Wellphoria Hemp Infused Hair Bundle
Something about sun and water can really wreak havoc on your hair and scalp.  I have naturally curly hair and my hair and scalp are normally quite dry. When you add sun and swimming to this mix you have the workings of a “rat nest/or birds nest” on my head (as my mother used to say).  Luckily I have a day saver with our new hair care line Wellphoria.  With three great products made from hemp seed oil (which provides nutrient rich in Omega 3’s and Omega 6) including hemp seed oil shampoo, hair and scalp oil and nourishing intensive treatment masque.  I especially love the scalp oil for my dryness and scalp irritation along with the treatment hair masque.  After using the masque my hair feels so soft and amazing and it has a great shine. I also love that these products because they are  free from sulfates, parabens, gluten and artificial dyes. They are not tested on animals so I also feel good about buying this product!

My Favorite CBD Products For Getting Too Much Sun

Two weeks ago my 15 year old, Olivia, went to the beach with friends.  Like most of us have experienced one time or another in our life, my daughter got sunburned!  No I mean REALLY sunburned. She fell asleep in the sand and had not applied sunblock to her (very fair) skim. What, why you ask? Maybe we write another blog on why teenagers do some things, but my short answer is… because she is 15.

She called me on her way home from the beach in pain.  You know it’s bad when the teenager calls mom for help! Olivia’s skin is normally pure alabaster but on this day and the days following she looked like she was a lobster.  As her mom, I got right to work.  Because of the pain and inflammation I decided to try giving her an internal product as well as applying topicals.  Here was what I did and the aftermath!  This of course is not scientific research but instead my experience. My routine…

  1. I started with Medterra Full Spectrum 25 mg CBD Gummy: I wasn’t sure this would aid  with the burn but hoped it might help with some of her pain and inflammation.   I immediately gave her 1 gummy.
  2. I then applied Endoca 750 mg salve.  This salve is pretty hard at first so I put it in my freshly washed and disinfected hands and rubbed between my palms to get it to melt.  It was a little hard to apply to a painfully burnt back, so I alternated with the Hemplucid CBD/CBDA Lotion.  It was a bit easier to apply but more costly.
  3. Lastly I applied Aloe Gel that I keep in the refrigerator, right over the top of the lotion or salve that was applied.

This combination did seem to reduce her pain and help her sleep.  I did have to wake up and apply the same topical regiment every 3 to 4 hours as her burns would start to hurt again.  We did this for three days giving her 1 gummy daily.  After three days I thought maybe she could go back to her isolate sleep gummy.  Boy was I wrong, My daughter woke up in the middle of the night and her back looked considerably more red than when she fell asleep.  She also said the pain felt like it did the first day.  We gave her another full spectrum Medterra gummy at that point and within an hour she was feeling a bit better.  I was a little surprised by this.

We continued this regiment for about 1 week as we watched the burn fade into a tan.  She did eventually peel and there was some blistering but I was thrilled by how much we saw the topicals and internal CBD help with the process.

My Favorite Products For Dead, Dry, & Flaky Skin

Along with summer comes a need for added moisture.  I have a couple of different products I use for my daily skin routines.  When it comes to my face, I alternate between a couple of products.  I do struggle with acne in my T zone (chin, nose and forehead) so when it is humid I tend to get some acne outbreaks.  For this I utilize our Clearskin Lineup from CBDMD. It does not dry my skin out but clears my acne, leaving my skin clear and moisturized.  It is a stronger line, though, and I cannot use it all the time.  When my skin is clear I use the Papa and Barkley Releaf Repair Cream.  It is great for everyday use.  I am 48 years old and I still get regular compliments on my skin!

The other product I use daily on my skin is our Endoca Raw Hemp Seed Oil.  I apply this to my  skin daily after a shower and to my feet at bedtime.  It is an incredible moisturizer and it has only one ingredient. I am allergic to a lot of things so having limited ingredients in a skin care line is important to me. No one likes breaking out in hives!

There is one product we carry that does not have any hemp, in it but it is worth mentioning when talking skin care.  It also has limited ingredients and has become one of my new favorites.  The Great Lakes Bee Company Brown Sugar Scrub is awesome.  I use it once a week for exfoliating and moisturizing and again my skin does not break out and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Our Made in Michigan products are really quality products with amazing ingredients. This one is no exception!

My Favorite Product For Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs (yuck)

Summer Time Bundle

Mosquitoes and bugs are definitely a part of our summer days.  Recently GWL brought on a new company with natural products for your skin and body.  They do not have CBD in them but they are amazing for bug repellent and bug aftercare.  We love them and we think you will too. We are offering a  bundle discount when you the insect repellent, aftercare essential oil roll on and our soothing Endoca salve together.  All three products have limited ingredients, repel and treat bug bites and are a healthy alternative to strong chemical products.  We’ve also got a great pocket sized salve from Entourage that can offer some soothing relief on the go as well!

We have many more products that are beneficial for skin and hair in the summer and we are always happy to share our experiences with you.  The other great thing about our products is that we guarantee everything so if it doesn’t work for you, just return for an exchange or refund. You really cannot go wrong. Now get out there and enjoy these summer days!

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