CBD and our Government

Currently, the United Nations is still trying to figure out how to categorize CBD as it is a non-psychoactive compound that has endless medical applications. At the same time, even the FDA has started to reconsider their approach towards CBD as now its medical applications cannot be denied. CBD, essentially, is one of the more than 80a compounds (or cannabinoids) that can be extracted from marijuana and hemp plants.

This cannabinoid is one of the most abundant compounds present in marijuana and is extracted using a variety of different methods. CBD is non-psychotropic and is widely regarded as a neutralizer. The growing popularity of CBD is not going unnoticed as the federal government has started to reconsider changing CBD classification.

The officials from the FDA have acknowledged CBD as a non-psychoactive substance that has an array of medical benefits &recently announced that they are asking the public at large to help them reach a verdict on the benefits of CBD.

Furthermore, these statements made by the FDA conflict with the US Drug Enforcement Administration who have categorized CBD as a schedule 1 illegal substance. The DEA actually claimed last year that CBD has no medical applications and that the public should not have easy access to this compound. These blatant statements made by the DEA caused an outcry especially in the medical industry as there is no denying the medical benefits that CBD provides.

However now even the DEA cannot deny the vast medical benefits that CBD entails as there are thousands of studies which have proven just how beneficial CBD really is. Currently CBD is one of the seventeen substances that are currently under review by WHO and after a certain period of time they will reach a verdict on whether CBD should be rescheduled or not. However, even if the WHO and UN reschedule CBD from the controlled substances list, this will not technically affect the federal government’s categorization of CBD, but it will add fuel to the fire already burning down mistaken opinions and adages that there is not a place for this plant in modern medicine.

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