Why Can’t You Buy CBD Oil on Amazon?222

Why Can’t You Buy CBD Oil on Amazon?

November 5th, 2022

Green Wellness · Why Can’t You Buy CBD Oil On Amazon? Quick Summary Have you ever bought CBD oil on Amazon? I bet you didn’t know that CBD is specifically listed on Amazon’s restricted product […]

Minor Cannabinoids

August 25th, 2022

Minor Cannabinoids: What They Are and What to Know When you think about hemp and marijuana plants, usually two compounds come to mind – THC and CBD. While those two major cannabinoids are the most […]

Unraveling Lab Reports – A How To Guide for CBD

June 14th, 2022

Unraveling Lab Reports for CBD Products You’ll hear us say time and again that you should only purchase lab tested CBD products. In a 2017 study, The Journal of the American Medical Association found that […]

Hemp and its Antibacterial Properties

May 13th, 2022

By Quinton Charles, Op-ed blogger Bacteria and Hemp? There are myriad benefits discussed regarding hemp and its antibacterial properties. You’ve likely heard testimonials about CBD aiding pain management or reducing anxiety, but did you know […]

How to Read CBD Product Labels

April 12th, 2022

When we go grocery shopping, it is fairly easy to figure out what is in the food that we buy. That is because the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires manufacturers to list […]

Will CBD Make You Tired?

March 28th, 2022

Does CBD Make You Sleepy? Quick Summary Will CBD make you tired is a popular question here in the US, simply because most of us do not get the quality sleep that we need. There […]

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?

March 17th, 2022

CBD, or cannabidiol, seems to be everywhere these days. Since the production of industrial hemp became legal in the United States, CBD products – which are made from hemp – have become incredibly popular. It’s […]

CBD 101 A Beginner’s Guide To CBD

March 12th, 2022

 Lashonda Broom, RN & HHP                       Cara Oorbeck, Former GWL Staff Cannabis Nurse Medical Reviewer, Topics Covered What is CBD? What is the ECS…Endocannabinoid System? What […]

What is CBN?

March 12th, 2022

What is CBN – (Cannabinol )? There is a lot of talk about CBD, but there are a lot of other compounds that are equally as beneficial but rarely discussed. One of our absolute favorite […]

Does CBD Induce Hunger?

February 22nd, 2022

Does CBD Induce Hunger? Topics Covered How Does THC Trigger Appetite? Does CBD Impact Appetite At All? Not All CBD Is Created Equal If you’re considering CBD while also trying to lose weight, you may […]

Hemp vs Marijuana

February 2nd, 2022

Quick Summary A lot of confusion surrounds hemp and marijuana. While both are Cannabis plants, there are many differences in hemp vs marijuana.  The chemical composition differs between the two plants. Marijuana has more THC […]

What Are CBGA, and CBDA?

January 12th, 2022

Oregon State University recently released promising findings about the potential effects of CBDA & CBGA in blocking the cellular entry of sars-CoV-2 and other emerging variants. Learn more about these cannabinoids.

The Endocannabinoid System Explained

December 27th, 2021

Here at Green Wellness, we talk about all things hemp, and the endocannabinoid system has been part of that, but our primary focus has always been CBD. CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids, […]

CBD Extraction: How it Works on Seeds, Stalks, and Flowers

December 22nd, 2021

Those of you curious about buying CBD should know it’s slightly different from hemp than marijuana in that it doesn’t cause a psychoactive high. This doesn’t mean you won’t get the same health benefits from […]

Phyto cannabinoids and Endocannabinoids: What’s The Difference?

November 23rd, 2021

Topics Covered What Are Cannabinoids? Understanding the Endocannabinoid System Can Taking Phytocannabinoids Benefit Me? Considering CBD? We’re Here to Help Since hemp was legalized in 2018, millions of Americans have tried a CBD product. In […]

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