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 QuintonBy Op-ed blogger Quinton Charles

There is no better way to help others navigate the world of CBD than to maneuver the waters ourselves. Everyone at Green Wellness Life has tried many, if not all of our products. This is what some of us had to say about a few of the CBD capsules we carry:

Hannah’s Take Away

  • Endoca Raw: 50 mg capsules

Her Thoughts:


Although I may look like the average teenage girl, I suffer from chronic pain. At only 16 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Soon after I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I had avoided medication for as long as I could, but once I was given that dreaded Fibro diagnosis, I could no longer get by with just yoga and eating healthily. I was quickly started on Cymbalta and I  tried a bunch of different muscle relaxers. I can honestly say, it was not fun!

After the first few days, I noticed that I had significantly more energy in the morning than I typically do. After laying down for a full night my body tends to fight back against the standing position. After taking Endoca Raw I was walking around the office annoying Brandy and Cara.  However,  I will admit that I often have a post coffee burp that has a slight hemp aftertaste. This doesn’t bother me because I see so much benefit from taking it, but I can see how others would find it annoying. The Endoca Raw 50mg Capsules are a great fit for me and as a poor college kid, I can safely say that I will purchasing this product for many months to come.

Brandy’s Take Away:

  • Entourage Hemp : 15 mg full-spectrum capsule
  • Panacea Daily : 75 mg full-spectrum capsule
  • Select CBD Boost : 33.3 mg isolate capsule with moringa and yerba mate

Her Thoughts:

I am lucky in that I am not someone living with chronic pain. I find that CBD helps me with mood stabilization and it does cut down on the daily aches and pains that apparently come with being a woman in my 40’s.  Boo.  I’ve been taking daily CBD in some form or another for the past three years. I try LOTS of products so that “form” varies. As such, this capsule challenge was kind of perfect.

For about the past year, Entourage has been my go-to.  I was taking 1 (15 mg) capsule daily. I felt that balance I was looking for and didn’t feel like I needed to step it up. I like that Entourage focuses on the whole plant and keeps their processing really simple.  I did find that I had to take it with food or I would burp up that grassy, earthy, “hempy” flavor. Yuck.

My husband swears by the Panacea Daily 75 mg.  No hempy aftertaste and his ankles, knees, and feet, which have taken a lot of abuse, haven’t felt this good in years.  So I gave it a try. While there was no “high,” moving from the 15 to the 75 mg capsule definitely made me feel different.  I felt almost a body looseness and a little nauseous. I think that was my body’s way of telling me that I didn’t need quite that much.  I stuck with it for 5 days.

Select Boost was the last capsule I tried and my favorite.  This was my first consistent dive into a CBD product with added ingredients.  I have a low metabolism and not as much energy as I’d like, so I went with the boost capsule that contains yerba mate and moringa.  It’s mid-range in terms of strength, 33.3 mg per softgel. It’s also an isolate, meaning that it contains CBD but not the other naturally occurring cannabinoids in the hemp plant.  I’ve always been a whole-plant advocate, so I didn’t think that I’d love this one. Surprisingly, it works really well for me. I take one capsule in the morning. No hempy taste. I get a nice (ok, fine, it’s in the title) energy “boost.”  So much so that I can function on just one cup of coffee daily rather than two or three. I’ve seen a real improvement in my mood stabilization as well. This one has been a great fit for me!

Quinton’s Take Away

  • Charlotte’s Web: 15 mg hemp extract capsule
  • Plus CBD Oil: 15 mg full-spectrum hemp softgel

His Thoughts:

I’m a bit too young to deal with chronic aches or pains and I’m fortunate enough to not have any serious conditions, but due to a busy schedule, I often have difficulty sleeping and dealing with anxiety. I started taking CBD capsules and softgels around a year ago, and I believe in them enough to keep taking them.

I started taking the Plus CBD Oil 15 mg around a year ago, and have taken it since. It’s small, easy, doesn’t have a strong or off-putting aftertaste, and I find that taking one in the morning is perfect for relaxing my mind and helping me to stay calm and focused throughout the day. While taking them, for the year, I have not had any difficulty with the normal “hempy” burps or the flavor of the capsule; I find that I can even take them without a glass of something to drink, which is very useful for mornings when I’m in a rush (often because I’ve slept in!). I’ll probably be sticking with this one for a few more years to come!

I started taking another capsule, Charlotte’s Web 15 mg, about a month or two ago. I wasn’t crazy about the size of the capsule (it’s not large, but I do find that I need a glass of water to swallow it), and the taste of the capsule wasn’t the best. After I had taken it, it did have that effect on my stomach that caused hemp burps to bubble up every now and then… no thank you. The bottle recommended that I take one to two daily as a supplement, so I added it in at the end of my day, as the Plus CBD was already my morning CBD supplement. While I did find that I could sleep a little better, I’m still not able to get past the gassiness and the size/flavor of the capsule.  I guess I’m a softgel guy.

Cara’s Take Away

  • Natural Leaf: 25 mg broad spectrum soft gel
  • Bluebird 15 mg Full Spectrum soft gel

Her Thoughts:


Prior to working at GreenWellness, I had never tried CBD. I love it now.  As I age (I am now closer to 50 than 40 – shhh…), I am noticing more pain in my joints and other changes in my body which I need to attend to. This is where CBD comes in.

When we first on-boarded Natural Leaf broad spectrum soft gel, I tried it for a month. It was easy to swallow and very convenient. However, although it is a broad spectrum, I did not find the relief I was hoping for; my knee joints were good, but I have a significant old shoulder injury (snowboarding!)  I found that, although it impacted the pain a little, it was not completely gone; it still aches, especially on a bad day. I know others really like it but I seemed to have needed the .3% THC and saw a bit of a difference when I switched back to my regular tincture. All in all, I think it is a quality product that one would need to try to determine if it is a good fit for them.

One of my favorite brands is Bluebird, so it was no surprise that I enjoyed taking their full spectrum soft gel.   When I started taking the 15-milligram soft gel I began to notice a change in my discomfort level. It is 15 mg a soft gel and has 60 capsules per bottle and is priced at $75.00. It is easy to take, even though I personally take two capsules (30mg), I was pleasantly surprised by the relief I found in my shoulder.

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