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By: The GWL Team

What Does Broad Spectrum Mean?

There is a lot of jargon in the CBD world and it can easily become confusing. Luckily, we are always here to clear some things up. When I first started learning about CBD I didn’t know that there are 3 different types of CBD products: Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum.

A Broad Spectrum product will always have the THC and the THC variants removed, but there are a lot of other cannabinoids and plant matter that may or may not be present. To be considered a Broad Spectrum, however, there needs to be at least another cannabinoid present, besides CBD. We carry all 3 types of CBD products in tinctures, capsules, edibles, and even boosters. Broad Spectrum products may be a great fit for those looking to find the benefits that other cannabinoids may offer but cannot have those trace amounts of THC. All of us in the GWL team utilize Broad Spectrum products for one reason or another. Below are our reviews of some Broad Spectrum products that we use and carry.

Brandy Reviews WYLD Gummies:

WYLD CBD GummiesThe Broad Spectrum product that I took a look at for this article are the WYLD gummies. WYLD offers four gummy flavors – Blackberry, Huckleberry, Lemon & Raspberry. Here at GWL, we carry the Lemon and Raspberry, but we’ve found all four options to be delish. They’re vegan and gluten-free, which is huge. They are pectin based, therefore less likely to melt in the heat than gelatin. Pectin also makes them a different consistency than a gelatin base. They remind me more of a gummy vitamin than a gummy candy. They’re a nice strength – 25 mg per gummy – and a rectangle shape, which makes them easy to cut in half if you want to start smaller. Those are all good things. Now on to the less good. The quantity per bottle is 20. That’s annoying as you’ll need 2 bottles to cover a month if taking a full serving size. Effectivity is another area to consider. I take CBD for mood more than pain. I find a serving of about 30mg daily to be a good fit for me and I go back and forth between products as we are always trying something new. With that said, I did find that I needed to take 2 of the gummies rather than just one. 1 ½ may have done the trick, but I was a little lazy and just went 2. I wasn’t sleeping as well with one and noticed that my neck and shoulders were twinging more. My team also said I was crabby – we’ll take that with a grain of salt. Why would I need a little more? Let’s talk about that. 

In the world of CBD, Broad Spectrum is middle ground, so this end product should give you full-spectrum benefits without the THC. But, does it? In my experience, that’s a firm “maybe.” The processing to separate and extract plant material removes the end result from that plant in the ground and we have found, time and time again that the whole plant works best for people living with pain. Can you get there without the THC? We believe that you can, but you’ll likely have to take a higher serving size – maybe even 2-4 times as much – making it an expensive option. 

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Cara Reviews Koi Tinctures:

When I first started working for Green Wellness Life I knew nothing about CBD and cannabinoids. As I began to learn and experiment with different products I met the KOI representative at a trade show. I immediately loved the flavor, brand and the quality of the product. I started taking it daily and saw marked improvement with mood and with an old shoulder injury. The KOI Broad Spectrum orange tincture was my go to tincture for close to a year. It comes in several great flavor options including lemon lime, strawberry, orange and spearmint. With many different strength options starting at 500mg, 1000mg and 2000mgs all in 1fl ounce bottles so  you can’t complain about cannabinoid strength per bottle! It is easy to take and one of the most delicious tinctures I have tasted with strength options for many different user needs. If you are committed to a 0 THC product, Koi is a great choice. 

I have since graduated to a full spectrum tincture with all of the cannabinoids including the .3% THC. I have found the full spectrum (I am not using KOI personally any longer) to be much more beneficial for my aging body and many old ski injuries. However, KOI Broad Spectrum Tincture is still the tincture I recommend when someone is looking for a great flavored, 0 THC option; especially when someone is looking for assistance with pain and inflammation. It is reasonably priced, tastes great and one of my favorite Broad Spectrum products to this date. 

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David Reviews Lift Sleep Drops:

Lift CBD Sleep dropsI had the pleasure of being able to review Lift CBD’s Calming Honey Sleep Drops. Before getting into the product itself, I want to start my review with the brand. Lift has developed a very modern and clean brand that is evident with their logo, and carries over into all of their packaging. I know they say not to choose a book based on its cover, but one of the things that initially attracted me to Lift products was their branding and design. The beauty of the packaging drew me in, but it was the quality of the product that really sold me.

Some people aren’t keen on the taste of CBD, which can often be described as earthy in nature. Even with flavored tinctures, you can sometimes pick up on that earthy flavor, which may not be for everyone. However, Lift’s Sleep Drops are infused with honey – making them very sweet. I really enjoy the taste of this tincture and it’s something I look forward to taking, which makes all the difference.

Lift recommends taking the sleep tincture about 30 minutes before you want to fall asleep. The claim for the product was that the combination of melatonin, CBD, CBN, and vitamin B6 would help me get to sleep faster. I followed the instructions on the package and found that their claims were valid. Just a few minutes after my head hit the pillow every night I could feel myself drifting off to sleep. There was no restless tossing and turning before bed while using the drops. Another unexpected benefit I found was that the drops seemed to keep me sleeping longer. I rent out an extra bedroom in my house via Airbnb. For the past few months I’ve had a long-term renter here who wakes up at 6am for work. I normally don’t have to wake up until 7am, but my renter’s schedule had me up at 6am every morning. Boo. While taking the Lift Drops, I noticed I was no longer waking up at 6am and starting sleeping all the way through to my alarm, which was nice.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Lift Sleep Drops. The taste is wonderful, the product does exactly what it said it would do (keep in mind that CBD reacts differently in everyone’s bodies), and the value that you’re getting for the price is fantastic. Two thumbs up.

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Hannah Reviews Green Roads Roll-On

CBD Roll-On Heat ReliefIf you have chatted with me or read anything I’ve written in the past, you know I struggle with what I like to call “Big Boy” pain. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia have caused a disk or two in my neck to slip and on X-rays there appears to be a damaged nerve. Essentially, I wish I didn’t have a neck sometimes. Seeing as that a neck is useful when checking a blind spot while driving, adorning pretty necklaces, and oh I don’t know looking directions other than forward, finding a way to live with this neck pain is essential for me. I take CBD every day and do yoga, which has made astronomical changes in my pain management journey, but sometimes that alone isn’t enough. For something location specific, like my neck, and not just all over pain, I find that topicals really help me.

There are a surprising number of things to consider with topicals. Does the topical leave a residue that will get in my hair? How long does the relief last? What is the ease of application? Does it smell? Do I need to wash my hands after application? Is there a temperature element? Question after question, I searched for my topical soulmate and found that in the Green Roads Heat Relief Roll-On. This 750mg heated roll-on, since the first day I tried it, can be found in both my nightstand and hiking bag, at all times. The unscented roll-on is really easy to apply on my neck and doesn’t require much maintenance. The milky liquid absorbs quickly into the skin and, personally, the tighter my muscles are the more it burns my neck.

Whenever struggling with a bout of neck pain, I find that there just isn’t another product that we carry that I grab as often. Don’t get me wrong, you can use this topical on areas other than your neck, I just simply love the convenience and the heated element. The heat really loosens my tightened muscles and gives me a distraction from the pain with a heated sensation. Also, because it’s a 3oz bottle, I find that a bottle lasts me long time compared to some of the other daily topicals I use, like the Endoca Salve. Though the burn that I love so dearly doesn’t last me typically more than 15 minutes, I find that I can find pain relief for about 4-5 hours. For a girl who regrets having a neck on a semi-regular basis, 4-5 hours of a pain free neck feels more divine than one might imagine. I’m a fan.

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Quinton Reviews Koi Softgels:

Koi CBD SoftgelsIn many previous blogs, I have praised the use of softgels and capsules. The reasons are simple: serving control and ease of use. I’ll spare you from having to read a long explanation of why I prefer softgels (since I am sure that I will do so many more times in future blogs). However, I will mention that this preference was a significant factor in my decision to sample and review Koi’s Broad Spectrum softgels this week. 

Each one of the softgels packs a potent 25mg of CBD, but (unfortunately) is not vegan. I am not vegan, myself, but I know that this can be a problem for some of our customers. If you are, don’t worry! We offer plenty of other, vegan-friendly options for Broad Spectrum CBD. 

So why did I choose to talk about this product? There were plenty of other Broad Spectrum products to choose from. What is so special about this one? Like many people, I get stressed. This stress contributes to my anxiety. Rather than live with a perpetually-raised blood pressure and worry about every little thing that life throws at me, I choose to take a softgel that has helped me to manage my anxiety in the past. I have not experienced any unpleasant taste or gas that can sometimes occur as the result of taking a supplement, and I find that I feel more relaxed and can sleep better at night when taking it! I keep coming back to Koi because it fulfills my needs, and that is all that I look for in a Broad Spectrum supplement.

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Happy to help!

Hopefully, you gained a little bit of insight into broad spectrum products, how we use them, and how broad spectrum could be a good option for your CBD needs. We always are seeking to help our customers discover new CBD products, new ideas, and new knowledge. 

With this in mind, feel free to call us toll-free at 866-244-4223, stop in at our new storefront, send us an email, or message us on social media. We would love to chat about CBD, your needs, what brought you to CBD, and how we can help you live a more positive and fulfilling life. Thanks again!