Best CBD Oil For Pets

Best CBD Oil For Pets

I have been working for Green Wellness for the past four years and I have had the privilege of getting to know many of you and your stories. I have heard about how CBD has given you a better quality of life, assisted you with pain, or helped many of you with your anxiety and mood. Many of these stories have included how CBD has benefited your pets. I have heard of CBD benefitting pets with everything from CBD for dog arthritis, pet seizures, pet anxiety, to pet issues pets like hot spots, allergies. I love hearing the success stories and I personally have seen first hand how my four dogs and three cats have benefited from the use of daily CBD oil for pets. 

What Is CBD?

First let’s talk about what CBD hemp oil for pets is and why it can be helpful to your pets. You see, all mammals share the same Endocannabinoid System (ECS.) That means that all of your family members – including the furry ones – can see benefits from cannabinoids like CBD. So what is CBD? CBD is one of over 100 compounds found in either the hemp or the marijuana plants. These compounds are actually called cannabinoids. In the hemp plant, CBD makes up more than 40 % of the cannabinoids. Because CBD is non psychoactive it makes it a great option for our pets health and well being.

CBD and many of the other cannabinoids that benefit our pets bodies act as a neutralizer or as a stabilizer for the body, assisting a human or pet’s body in returning to a neutral state or a state of homeostasis. This is why many people believe that CBD can be used to benefit a pet with pain and inflammation issues as well as anxiety, stress, seizures, fireworks and more. It is important to note that all CBD is not the same and finding the right CBD for your pets can be tricky.

Let’s take a look at the different types of CBD. There are three main ways CBD is processed: 

  • Full Spectrum CBD for pets which consists of the whole plant and all the plants compounds or cannabinoids are present.
  • Broad spectrum CBD for pets contains a part of the plant’s compounds or cannabinoids while other compounds, cannabinoids, and terpenes can be removed. Usually, the cannabinoid that is mostly removed is THC.
  • Isolate CBD for pets refers to the removal of everything from the plant, leaving only the cannabinoid or compound CBD present.
  • We have covered the differences at length in our CBD 101 Beginners Guide

Important Information:

In all cases, it’s important to only give your pet lab tested products.  You need to know that your CBD is free of contaminants. Additionally, you want confidence in the amount that you’re giving your furry family member and you need to know that what you think is in that bottle is actually there.  Rest assured that everything GWL carries is lab tested.  If you want to learn more about that, take a look at our recent article on unraveling lab reports.

How do I give my pet CBD oil?

We always recommend starting with a small serving for pets and people. Begin with 1-2mg per 10lbs of pet body weight for the first 5-7 days. If enough benefit is not seen, we recommend doubling that serving for week two. Those gradual increases can continue, giving your pet’s body several days to adjust each time. Our goal is for them to see benefits within 2 to 3 weeks. While we know that our pets can’t talk, we can usually tell how they are feeling by their actions. If you are not seeing that these products are helping them, please reach out by email at or by phone toll free at 888-772-7875! We are here to help you and your pets on this journey.

Pet CBD Side Effects

One of the benefits of using CBD verses other pharmaceutical products prescribed by your pets veterinarian is the minimal side effects. CBD can cause some drowsiness or upset stomach if given without food. There is one more important concern that should be mentioned. The American Kennel Club described it as “The main concern with CBD is that it inhibits a chemical in the body called cytochrome P450 that is responsible for metabolizing most drugs. If a drug’s efficacy depends on its metabolized product, CBD could render it less effective. If a drug’s safety depends on it being cleared from the body within a certain time frame, CBD could cause it to build up to toxic levels. Never give your dog CBD without your veterinarian’s knowledge if your dog is taking other drugs.”

What are some of the best CBD oils for dogs and cats?

Part of my job is researching and trying CBD to bring into our store. That also means my family, including my pets try a lot of CBD. Here are a few of our favorites in our household. My fur babies definitely have some they love more than others! I have also included pictures so that you can meet the GWL taste testers.

1. Most Cost-Effective Pet CBD

The most cost effective CBD for pets is usually in a tincture format. Hemplucid Pets CBD Tincture with 300 mg per bottle is (formerly Roxy Pets CBD by Hemplucid) a formulated full-spectrum CBD tinctures that can be used with cats or dogs. Available in a chicken flavor your cats and dogs are sure to love it. Yum!

This is a delicious, nutritious addition to your cat or dog’s daily diet. I give this tincture to my feline babies shown above. I just add a little to Sophie, Bella and Miss Kitties food and we see a difference in joint mobility for our older cat Miss Kitty and calming for our busy cats that are sisters. With 300 mg per 30 ml/1 fl oz each, it is a great option for smaller pets or pets who do not need to take as much. 

2. Our favorite CBD for an older dog

Charlotte’s Web  are a favorite in our house. Lucy pictured above is our 16 year old schnauzer. That is right, 16!!! She takes her CBD daily and she is an incredibly active 16 year old dog (that is 112 years old in dog years!!). Still playful and happy. Lucy can even jump up on our couch, we truly see the difference when we do not give her hip and joint dog treats. With different options to choose from they are definitely a fan favorite at our house! I have listed the different options below.

  • Charlotte’s Web offers Hip and Joint Chews, with each chicken-flavored chew containing 2.5mg of CBD and infused with Glucosamine, Turmeric, Chondroitin, and Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum Hemp Extract to help relieve occasional joint stiffness. These chews are non-GMO and undergo quality testing 20+ times.

3. Our favorite CBD for larger pets

Huron Hemp CBD Pet for Large dogs 1250mg is essential for our Great Dane, Molly. Being a large dog at 140 pounds and 6 foot 2 inches tall, she requires a high-strength CBD. This 1250mg Full Spectrum CBD in a 1oz bottle is tailored for large dogs, potentially reducing anxiety, inflammation, and pain. Formulated with pets in mind, it offers them the benefits of CBD. This CBD pet oil is ideal for larger pets needing more CBD. We give Molly .50ml twice a day (please consult your veterinarian for dosage recommendations) and notice improved joint pain and mobility. Only the best for our princess!

4. Our favorite CBD for anxious Dogs

In our house we are a sucker for a hurting animal. Rizzo, our little mutt, came to us from a very abusive and bad situation. We have had him for four years now and he is the most loving, quirky dog I have ever owned. He is also incredibly anxious. We have worked with him in helping him deal with his anxiety and to help him in feeling safe, but without his CBD he is a bundle of nerves. The Medterra Calming CBD soft chews was the obvious choice. The difference we see in Rizzo when he takes his CBD and when he doesn’t is remarkable.

Medterra CBD Soft Chews is the perfect solution to keep your furry friends calm and relaxed. With each chew containing 10mg of pure CBD, these treats are specially for pets, providing them with the ultimate soothing experience.

Crafted with the finest ingredients, including Valerian Root and L-tryptophan, these soft chews are formulated to promote a sense of calmness and reduce stress in your pet. Whether its thunderstorms, separation anxiety, or car rides that trigger their nerves, these CBD-infused treats will be their new best friend.

Rizzo gets one Calm chew daily and on some days when we have something going on or he gets real nervous, we also may put some of the Hemplucid CBD pet tincture in his food. This has been an incredible help to us with Rizzo.

5. Our Favorite CBD for Picky Pets

Not only is Molly big, but she is also our picky pet. Despite my efforts, I cannot get her to even try some of the other treats. However, the Huron Hemp CBD dog soft chews are by far Molly’s favorite! She simply inhales these oat and coconut flavored treats! Recommended dose is 1/2 treat per 25lbs of weight twice a day or as otherwise recommended by a vet.  Use along side the Huron Hemp CBD Oil for small dogs-250mg or for medium dogs-500mg for maximum relief.

6. Our Favorite CBD treat for Kitties or small dogs!

Our Medterra soft chews are perfect for your furry felines. The Medterra Calming Chews, available in bacon flavor, offer a perfect solution for keeping your furry friends calm and relaxed. Each chew contains 10mg of pure CBD, providing pets with the ultimate soothing experience. The Joint Support comes in a delicious peanut butter flavor, sure to have your older pet eagerly wagging their tail in anticipation. Medterra’s commitment to transparency ensures high-quality ingredients and rigorous testing for purity and potency.

The GWL Favorites are only a small selection! Give us a call or email us for more info or other available CBD Pet products. 

GWL Pet Products

The products shown above are only a small selection. We have a variety of pet products beyond the products listed above and every one of them has been tried by each of our pet testers. If you do not feel any of these products will work for your pet, feel free to give us a call or email us and we will be happy to assist you in finding the right CBD pet product for your furry friends!

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