2021 Holiday Guide Top 25 CBD & More Gifts

2021 holiday guide for cbd gifts

Around the store, we often use the phrase “what a time to be alive.” It’s our way to shake our head at the newest surprise in a string of surprises over the past couple of years.  We may not agree on everything, but I’m sure we can all agree that an increased appreciation for our health and well being have come out of the debacle that has been 2020/2021.  As such, many people are talking about CBD.  If you’re one of them and you’d like to share that health and well being with your friends and family, we can help! We have CBD gifts for everyone on your list – even if they’ve been naughty.  Maybe even especially if they’ve been naughty.

Why CBD gifts, you ask? CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the more than 100 compounds that occurs naturally in the hemp plant.  Those compounds interact with a system in our bodies called the endocannabinoid (ECS) system.  Our body is already making its own cannabinoids to regulate everything from appetite to mood. When you take plant compounds in, they can prevent deficiencies and keep that system up and running.  In short, they work to keep your system balanced.  We can all use a little help keeping everything in neutral, so let’s dive into CBD gifts for all those hard to buy for people on your list!

Best CBD Gifts for Her

Ladies love CBD.  No, really, women over the age of 40 are our top sales demographic.  Speaking as a woman over the age of 40, I use CBD for everything in my house from bug bites to stress relief.  Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for a newbie or a well-seasoned CBD and hemp professional.











Green Roads Essential Oil Roll On

This roll-on offers a quick mid-day boost.  It comes in a refresh or relax variation and marries CBD with essential oils.  Both smell wonderful and can help you make it through even the toughest of days.

 The Good Patch

The Good Patch is a fantastic new full-spectrum (whole plant) patch that comes in 4 different formulas that are benefit specific.  We love them all, but the Period patch can be especially handy every 28 days or so.  The formula adds black cohosh and black pepper extract and can be placed on the lower back to abdomen to offer monthly relief.  Each packet contains 4 patches.

Best CBD Gifts for Him










MedTerra CBD Gum

MedTerra is coming out strong on our gift guide this year.  This gum is 0 THC, gets to work quickly and at 20mg per piece of gum, it is 2x the strength of the leading competitor.  Perfect for you or the men on your list. Toss it in the golf bag and keep a pack in the car to help your people keep their cool on that daily commute.

Beard Oil by The Little Flower Soap Co.

All of The Little Flower Soap Co are cold pressed to preserve the essential oils and prepared in small patches. They are made right here in the state of Michigan. While these are not a CBD product, they offer soothing three gorgeous scents  and an awesome styling product for the bearded men in your life.  Lucky him!

Wellness Immunity Product BundleWellness CBD Gift Sets

Not sure which gift to buy for your friends and families? We can help with a wellness gift set! We have bundles for clearer skin, hemp infused hair, and my personal favorite – the Wellness Immunity Bundle.

We’re deep in cold and flu season here in West Michigan and every supplement helps.  This bundle covers all the bases, from elderberry syrup to vitamin D and reishi mushroom extracts.

CBD Gifts for Pets & Pet Lovers

HolistaPet CBD Oil tincture for dogs & cats

We are huge pet lovers around here.  Between the three of us that run the store, we have 8 cats, 4 dogs, 1 bearded dragon and a saltwater aquarium full of fish and coral.  We know that our pets are family.  While CBD may not help the reptile or the fish, it can definitely help keep those furry family members in neutral.

As a general rule, dogs can eat pretty much anything cats or humans can eat.  Cats, as true carnivores, may be more limited on what their digestive system can take.  So, stick to cat specific products for the felines but you can give the pups cat products, too. Maybe just don’t tell them…

Martha Stewart Wellness Dog Treats

Martha Stewart can do it all. She’s a chef, HGTV mogul, and now a hemp entrepreneur.  Snoop Dogg may have helped there.  All jokes aside, her pet treats are a really affordable high strength option for our pups. These soft dog biscuits are chicken, blueberry & anise seed and smell good enough to snack on!

HolistaPet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats

This tincture from HolistaPet is unique because it’s a good fit for both dogs and cats. The hempseed oil base is digestible for those finicky felines and there are no other additives.  It’s super concentrated at 1mg per drop, so it’s easy to give just a little to those kitties and chihuahuas and a larger amount for the great danes in your life.

Treatibles Cat CBD Soft Chews

Here’s another option for the cats and cat people in your lives.  These are a soft treat with a chicken liver base.  They are sure to please even the pickiest of furry babes. Our cats give them two paws up!

CBD Gifts For People Needing To Relax

Pure Ratios 48 Hour Calm Patch










We get it – relaxing is hard.  There are lots of tools out there that can help.  Meditation is a great fit for many of us that don’t know how to shut down our brains.  Yoga can also be amazing – even a few minutes of gentle stretching can make a world of difference.  CBD is just one more tool to add to that box – here are some options that may help your people find that zen.

Pure Ratios Calm Patch

These patches a soothing blend of 35mg CBD, chamomile, lemon balm, and other relaxing herbs. Applying the patch can help with soreness and mood.  The compounds are time-released so each single patch lasts up to two days.

cbdMD CBD Drink Mix

CBD is usually in an oil base. We want to stick to a regular serving quantity in order to not build up a tolerance, but sometimes we all need a little extra. That’s where cbdMD CBD Drink Mixes come in. These are a delicious boost that can be taken as needed.  The water base will get to work quickly and won’t affect your daily CBD supplement. It’s a win/win! Maybe do a little deep breathing while you sip, just for good measure.

Best Stocking Stuffers

CBDfx Chill ShotsHimalayan Hemp Bag






Stockings are a great way to try something new that’s affordable and fun.  We’ve got so many options to care for your body from head to toe in our stocking stuffers!

Fetch & Tug Toy

C’mon – you know your pets get a stocking, too.  Put this hemp rope tug toy in it! The fibers are all natural and highly digestible.  Your pup may have more fun than kids with their new toy!

CBDfx Chill Shots

These are a fast and easy way to add some chill to your day. Packaged in a 1 ounce “shot,” these delicious drinks can help you unwind after a long day.  Pop them in the fridge for an even better taste.  With 0 THC, they aren’t intoxicating – just relaxing.

Endoca CBD Lips & Skin Balm

This portable balm is an awesome quick fix for chapped lips and winter burned skin. It’s so natural you could eat it, although we aren’t sure why you’d want to. Keep one in your bag, on your nightstand and in the car for quick relief.

Himalayan Hemp Bag

These bright bags can even be your stocking this year.  They are a perfect size for storing those essentials and they are made from all natural hemp, possibly the most durable fiber on the planet. Hemp bags are great for the people on your gift list and the environment!

Best CBD Gifts for the Workout Fanatic

MedTerra Tintura de CBDSocial (Antes Select!) Capsulas en Gel de CBD para RecuperaciónLazarus Naturals CBD Relief and Recovery Muscle Gel







MedTerra CBD Oil Tincture

We like to stick with 0 THC options and minimal ingredient lists for our friends who are into physical fitness. MedTerra really fits the bill here.  This tincture comes in two high strength options.  It’s CBD, MCT oil and that’s it. No flavors or additives here – just those neutralizing benefits.

Social CBD Recover Capsules

The Social Recover capsules can be a great fit for those workout fanatics looking for a simpler solution than a liquid CBD oil.  These premeasured softgels contain 33.3mg of THC free CBD along with turmeric, black pepper extract and MCT oil.  They’re a great starting point for fitness enthusiasts!

Lazarus Naturals CBD Relief and Recovery Gel

Looking for a soothing topical to use post-workout? We got you.  This gel is thinner than a traditional salve, making it super easy to apply. It contains Menthol and Camphor for a cooling sensation that you can really feel.  With the lowest cost per mg of any brand we carry, your wallet and your gym fanatic will thank you for giving Lazarus Naturals a try.

CBD Gifts for People Who Need More Zzzzs

Entourage Wholeflower Deep Sleep CBN MicrocapsMedterra Cañamo CBD GomitasGreen Roads Sweet Sleep CBD and CBN Oil Pouch Box






Sleep? Oof. Do any of us get enough? I think not.  We’ve got some options that can help.  CBD is not known for putting you to sleep, but rather for helping you stay there and awake feeling more well rested.  Here’s a quick read on that. Many brands marry CBD with other options to help with the “get to sleep” part of the equation. Those often include melatonin, which isn’t always everyone’s favorite.  Luckily, we have options that steer clear of melatonin in favor of other herbs and hemp cannabinoids as well.

Entourage Wholeflower Deep Sleep CBN Microcaps

These are a great blend of 20mg CBN/20mg CBD without that melatonin or any THC.  They’re a store favorite, with a lot of cannabinoids packed into a tiny microcap. Each box is a 60 night supply.

MedTerra Deep Sleep Gummies

MedTerra has only very recently come through with full-spectrum, or whole plant, products.  They include all of the compounds found in the hemp plant, including a small amount of THC.  It’s not enough to be intoxicating, but is included, which is important to know if you’re concerned about THC.  These come in a daytime or deep sleep option.  The sleep is a delightful berry flavor that’s packed full of 25mg of CBD, minor cannabinoids, and 3 mg of melatonin to help your sleep deprived loved ones get some zzzzs.

Green Roads Single Serving Sweet Sleep

The Green Roads Sweet Sleep can be a great choice for people who only need occasional assistance getting to sleep.  They come in a pre-measured single serving and contain 25mg of cannabinoids (including 2.5mg of CBN) and 2.5mg of Melatonin per individual pack. They’re excellent for travel and are a 0 THC option.

CBD Gifts for Smokers

Joy Cannaflower CBD Pre-Rolls

Sometimes we all like to get back to basics, even when shopping for CBD gifts. Those basics when it comes to CBD are hemp flower.  CannaFlower offers both pre-rolled or loose flower in a variety of options to promote specific benefits like relaxation and clarity.  These are not intoxicating and may offer a healthier alternative for the smokers in your life and on your shopping list.

Hemp Flower Options

Best Gifts for Grandpa & Grandma

CBD Freeze RollerMary's Nutritionals CBD Patches Charlotte’s Web CBD OilEndoca Raw Hemp Softgels

Our more “experienced” family members aren’t always on board with trying hemp, but it can help them, too! We always like to start with topicals for our more hesitant customers.  Once benefits are seen there, we can encourage moving into internal products that can help with neutralizing from the inside out.

cbdMD CBD Freeze Roller

cbdMD is a terrific roller for those hard to reach places. The roller ball applicator can get to shoulders and backs with ease. Its a broad spectrum, 0 THC way to get started with CBD.

Mary’s Nutritionals Transdermal Patch

Set it and forget it with these CBD patches.  They are jam packed with 20mg of full-spectrum CBD per soft foam patch.  They’ll offer consistent relief in a way that’s much easier than continually applying a cream or lotion.  Buy 4, get 1 free – they will be a favorite gift, for sure!

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

If Grandma or Grandpa are ready to give internal CBD a try, what better place to start than the most trusted brand in the industry? That’s Charlotte’s Web. We offer two strengths and flavors of their easy to take CBD oil. Serving size is flexible with oils, so you’re sure to find the right fit for anyone.

Endoca Raw CBD Softgels

Last, but not least, is our favorite for 24/7 soreness. Endoca is one of the few companies that focuses on CBDa, one of the minor plant compounds.  That’s because in order to keep that CBDa intact, the plant concentrate can’t be heated, making it much more difficult to work with.  We find that CBDa to be worth the effort.  It comes in two strengths and sizes and is hands down, our top pick.

We hope that this CBD Gift Guide has put you on the right track to help you and yours with gifts that will keep on giving the gift of balance this holiday season. If you want to learn more about CBD, we’re here for it! Our beginner’s guide is an excellent starting point. We’re always available to chat with you individually, as well.  Give us a call toll free at 888-772-7875 or send over an email to  If you’re in the Grand Rapids area, stop by our storefront. We’d love to meet you! Happy Shopping!



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